English Lib’ Dem’s are abandoning the Sinking Ship!

Just a few weeks ago the English electorate, in many areas, turned their collective back on the Lib’ Dem’s as a punishment for being the junior partner in the coalition. The result was that they went into the election with 580 seats, and had to watch as 190 were kicked out of office. They also came out with a loss of one local authority.

Since then there has been a constant trickle of councillors defecting from the L D’s over the past three weeks. 1 in Cornwall, 2 in Chelmsford, 1 in Sussex, 1 in East Cambridgeshire, 1 in Solihull, 1 in Wolverhampton and 1 in Chorley.

Sad to report that none of them have joined an English nationalist party! Two have turned Green and the others are now different shades of independent.

But what can one expect from former members of a party that puts the EU before England.


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