Is Another English Nationalist Party About To Fold?

England Watch understands that the England First Party is to be de-registered in the near future. The information is included in the EFP statement of accounts lodged with the electoral commission by its leader Mark Cotterill.

The party was founded in 2003 and has fielded over forty candidates, including two this year.  The highpoint of the EFP was 2006 when they had two councillors elected in Blackburn.

If the end of the EFP in nigh then that means that of the eleven parties listed with the Electoral Commission only three are in any way active! (Marked in bold print.)

England First Party (EFP). Founded 2003. Leader Mark Cotterill.

English Democrats Party (EDP) Founded 1998. No Leader, Robin Tilbrook, Chairman.

English Independence Party (EIP). Founded 2000. Leader Andrew Constantine.

English National Party (ENP). Founded 2000. Leader Robin Tilbrook.

English Parliamentary Party (EPP). Founded 2001. Leader Gerald Morgan.

English Peoples Party (EPP). Founded 2010, Leader Andrew Constantine.

For England Party (FEP). Founded 2011. Leader Michael Johnson.

New England Party (NEP). Founded 2003. Leader Michael Tibby.

One England (OE). Founded 2010. Leader John Botting.

The True English (Poetry) Party. Founded  2006. Leader Michael Gibson.

Truly Independent English Party (TIEP). Founded 2004. Leader Norman Hennings.



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