The People of England should Push For Scottish Independence!

The campaign for the ‘Yes’ vote for Scottish independence has been launched two years ahead of the vote. The SNP and Scottish Green Party are the main supporters of the campaign but they are not the only ones.

The argument as to whether independence is good for Scotland should not be considered paramount by English nationalists. Scotland contains well under 10% of the UK population, England contains well over 80%. England Watch believes that it would be good for England.

It is time that the people of England remembered to old adage, charity begins at home, for too long money, investment and jobs have been transferred from England to the other UK nations. It is time to put an end to this one-way system of using monies raised in England to subsidise others.

We urge all English nationalists to sign the petition below, not only sign but convince as many others as possible to sign. The more signatures the petition attracts the harder it will be for Salmond and the SNP to water down the question on the independence referendum when they put it to the Scottish people in 2014.

The devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are fighting for better services and investment for their people and the UK government will grant extra powers to these governments in order to preserve the union. England has no national Parliament or government defending her interests so it is time for the people to do so.

England Watch urges all of our readers to sign the petition below, the more signatures the greater pressure on the UK government to address the totally unfair situation that England is in.

The SNP want to change the structure of the UK, we believe that England should have a say in her own future as well!

Please Sign.


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