An English Parliament not a beefed up Lords!

Cameron, in his wisdom, has decided that it is a good time to start the preliminaries for the revamping of the House of Lords. The plan is for a chamber with about 450 members of which 80% will be elected and 20%, about 90, will be appointed or created.

The part of the plan that many people are finding difficult to take in is the suggestion that they serve a single term of fifteen years with no opportunity of re-election.

But fifteen years! Ye Gods! The thoughts are that the proposed ‘Lords’ will be paid less than MPs, so the likelihood then is that most of the new members will come forward after they have had a successful career. That could mean that they are already in their late 50s early 60s when they begin their 15 term.

It may well be a ‘worst-case-scenario’ but is 450 70 year olds really what we need to address the problems of this country in the 21st Century? In many cases it will be a ‘job for life’ and, as yet, their does not seem to be any mechanism in place whereby the electorate can get them out during those 15 years unless they have committed a crime.

England Watch would prefer to see the Lords abolished and an Elected English Parliament set up to look after the needs and interests of the People of England.

England is the only part of the UK without its own Parliament so by abolishing the House of Lords and using the chamber for the English Parliament we could correct that injustice. There would also be a great saving in financial terms as well, because the UK Parliament would have a very much smaller workload it could be culled from 650 to about 250.

In the longer term the Houses of Parliament would become the home for the two chambers of the Parliament of an independent England.


Calderdale English Democrats, what happened?

One of our readers noticed that on the 19th July 2012 there is a By-election to elect a councillor for the Warley ward of Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, knowing that the EDP had been active in the borough in the past we decided to have a look to see if the party had a candidate in what, a few years ago, seemed to be one of the main growth areas for the English Democrats.

The EDP did not field any candidates in the local elections of May 2006 but Paul Rogan was elected as one of the Conservative councillors for Rastrick Ward, two months later, in July 2006 he defected to the English Democrats taking some Conservative party members, including former candidates, with him.

In the local elections of May 2007 the party fielded five candidates and achieved some quite respectable results.

The following month, 14th June, English Democrat Faizan Saghir, an ex-Conservative candidate, stood in a by-election in Warley ward.

In the elections of May 2008 the English Democrats again fielded five candidates. Results were mixed but in Rastrick ward, where the EDP had its sitting councillor, both the number of votes and the percentage of the vote increased a sign of hope for retaining the seat in 2010 maybe? Actually a more telling sign of things to come was that one of the 2007 candidates, Shakir Saghir an ex-Tory,  stood as an Independent.

There were no local elections in 2009.

In the 2010 elections the English Democrats didn’t field any candidates in the borough and their sitting councillor, Paul Rogan, did not defend his seat.

There have been no EDP candidates since 2008, and there isn’t one in the Warley By-election next month, some of the former EDP candidates have returned to the Conservative Party fold, with at least one standing as a candidate again.

It seems that the resurgence of EDP support in Yorkshire in 2011/12 has not yet reached Calderdale.


20th July 2006

Rastrick                  Paul Rogan. Tory councillor defects to the English Democrats Party.


Brighouse                 Richard Langford,             282         8.50%

Elland                       Mick Clarke,                       408         15.10%

Park                         Shakir Saghir,                     567         13.40%

Rastrick                   David Stevenson,             418            13.50%

Town                       David Mounsey,               165               5.90%

14/06/2007 By-election.              

Warley                      Faizan Saghir,                     51           1.80%


Elland                       Mick Clarke,                       262            9.59%

Greetland                Jonathan Rogan,                  59             1.92%

Northowarm            John Dowson,                     343           10.59%

Rastrick                   David Stevenson,               516           16.37%

Sowerby Bridge      Tom Mathieson,                  103             3.50%


Rastrick                   Paul Rogan                        EDP councillor does not defend his seat.


OK we are out of Euro 2012! Move on Move up!

England was outplayed but they displayed heart and hopefully Roy Hodgson will be able to build on that in the next few years. But once again it was the dreaded ‘P’s that finished off England!

The fans at the ground were magnificent in their support though it is still exasperating that the only two ‘English’ songs that were audible were ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘Rule Britannia’.

So the flags will be put away, with a few being brought out for St George’s Day and some football matches, until 2014.

2014 will be a bumper year for being a part-time-patriot, the World Cup Tournament is from 12th June – 13th July and then the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow from 23rd July – 3rd August.

Before then though we will be expected to be British when the Olympic Games kick off in a few weeks time. It will be interesting to see if we still get the normal anti-English discrimination in the reporting. How many times will we hear about ‘Flying Scotsmen’ or Welsh Wizards’ but ‘a good result for Britain’ if an English athlete wins anything.

If we are all to be British that is fine, but if there are Welsh, Scots and Irish then there should be English!

That is only fair, but we are talking about the media and England so fairness doesn’t come into it!


Come on England! No Chickens in Kiev!

There was very little anticipation at the beginning of the tournament that England would deliver much joy, and whilst they may not, yet, have played the three most beautiful games of the Beautiful Game at least they have progressed further than many expected.

All of that is in the past, players and fans need to focus on the present, or rather this evening,.

England have the players to deliver victory and pride it just depends if Roy can forge them into a team!

The flags are flying, the banners are streaming and the beer is flowing!

Go for it boys! We want no chickens in Kiev!

Sorry SNs, but English Taxpayers DO subsidise Scotland!

There is an on-going debate on the British Democracy Forum as to whether English taxpayers subsidise Scotland. One line that is constantly thrown out against this argument by some Scottish nationalists is;

“There is more money raised in taxation than is returned as the Block Grant. This means it is our money that is coming back. I don’t know how many times some of you have to be told before it eventually sinks in.”

This rather arrogant and misleading statement may well be true, as far as it goes, but the Block Grant is the money that the UK government gives to the Scottish government to spend in Scotland.

The major flaw in the “it’s our money” argument, which is often wheeled out in an attempt to con English taxpayers, is that there are still vast areas of UK government spending (with English taxpayers money) that the Scottish government, and the Block Grant do not cover.

The UK government retains complete responsibility for the operation of the Welfare State, in terms of pensions, unemployment insurance and child benefit – as part of the UK-wide Welfare State exercised by the UK Department for Work and Pensions and HM Treasury. All paid for with English taxpayers’ money not Scottish Block Grant.

The Scottish government Block Grant does not fund Scottish defence, indeed some local economies in Scotland are dependent on nearby military bases paid for, and supported, by the UK (mainly English) taxpayer. The Scottish Block Grant does not fund the large international trade missions that help to bring jobs and employment to Scotland or the Embassies and Consulates that help Scots if they are in trouble abroad!

So if England Watch could just ask ALL Scottish nationalists that think that Scotland is self-supporting to get straight on to Mr Salmond to start talking to the UK Government with an aim to getting all taxes raised in Scotland spent in Scotland. With the proviso that all taxes raised in England be spent in England!

Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

So in summary, taxpayers in England DO subsidise Scotland!

“I don’t know how many times some of you have to be told before it eventually sinks in!”

Euro 2012! A smokescreen for English nationalism?

England has gotten through the group round and will now face Italy tomorrow. The stores are full of everything you can think of in Red & White. We see flags and bunting on shops, houses and cars, far more than we did two months ago for St George’s Day, everywhere there are people wearing caps and tee-shirts emblazoned with designs based on the English Flag.

Is this a form of latent nationalism emerging or just football-ism?

Are they supporting the team or the country?

Are they one and the same thing or worlds apart?

The English have been,  and still are, bombarded by the Unionist elite and the big three parties into believing that it is ok to be Scottish or Welsh nationalist, because they are expressing their individuality as minorities in the UK, but, because we are the largest nationality on the islands, it would be bad for the English to be nationalistic.


Because, so the argument goes, that would make the English as the larger group racist for wishing to distance itself from the smaller ones.

This argument fails because the UK is a constructed state, there are no ‘United Kingdomish’ people here. To carry the unionist argument on one step, at the moment of Scottish independence do Scottish nationalists become racist because the Scots would be the largest group in their new nation?

It would be good the think that this outpouring of ‘English nationalism’ will remain focused and be harnessed into a political movement. It would be good, but we know that will not be the case, sometime between Sunday and the first few days of July most of the Red & White will be packed away ready for the next ‘big show’.

The establishment and sections of the media will tolerate ‘Englishness’ in a sporting context but not outside of that. Some people who may lean towards English nationalism may well use the pretext of supporting the football team as an excuse to fly the flag without being pointed at. Those people need to be reassured that it is OK to do so at all times.

As far as Red & White is concerned the establishment mantra goes;

“Sport is good, politics is bad.”

EDP Result in Dacorum, 21st June 2012.

By-election for Dacorum Borough Council on 21st June.

DACORUM – Woodhall Farm (Hemel Hempstead)

Rosie SUTTON.      Con’.  566 (49.0%)

Paul EASTWOOD.   Lab’.  406 (35.1%)

Nitesh DAVE.  Lib’ Dem’.  70 (6.1%)

Simon DEACON.    E D P. 47 (4.1%)

Howard KOCH.     UKIP.   43 (3.7%)

Paul DE HOEST.   Green.  24 (2.1%)

Dacorum elects a full council every four years and Woodhall Farm is a two-seat ward.

The Greens stood five years ago but neither the EDP or UKIP have fought this one before.

Previous two elections.


Con 961/912,

Lab 365/322,

LD 145/111


Con 808/743,

Lab 215/204,

Green 138,

LD 115/103