EDP, New Party Structure in Kent.

The EDP has announced a re-organisation for the party in Kent:

Steve Uncles is still South East England Chairman, which covers Kent, E & W Sussex and Surrey. (He is also Chairman of the South West Area.)

Kent Chairman is now Michael Walters with Nathan King as Membership Secretary. The previous Kent county chairman was Laurence Williams who left to join UKIP.

Nathan King takes over the reigns as Dartford Chairman; this post was previously held by Mike Tibby.

Mike Tibby becomes Thanet Chairman.

This is in preparation for the county elections in May 2013. In the last elections in 2009 the EDP fielded candidates in one third of the Kent County divisions, 24 out of 72.

In 2011 the Chairmen of both Sevenoaks and Medway branches resigned, the latter to join the Conservatives, we have not seen any public notice as to their replacements.

Before everything began to fall apart for the EDP the party website had names and contact details for all of the County Chairmen. England Watch has been informed that this has been ‘reviewed’ due to the dwindling number of post holders. It would appear that email contacts have settled to a level where the Party Secretary is able to cope on his own.

Before the May 2013 county elections there will be elections for Police Commissioners, due to take place in November, these are a big mistake in the view of England Watch. Steve Uncles has been ‘appointed’ as EDP candidate for the post of Kent Police Commissioner. Presumably ‘appointed’ by the National Council as there does not seem to have been a vote on this by the Kent membership.


2 thoughts on “EDP, New Party Structure in Kent.

    • Thank you for that.
      We checked the EC website and yes, Veritas does still exist. Though with a bank balance in 2011 falling from £930 to £138 it may not be around for much longer.

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