England Watch has its very own stalker!

For some time now articles posted on England Watch have received a comment from a ‘John Dobson’ conservativehome (though this is a dead link). Nothing is known by England Watch of this ‘John Dobson’ save that it is a name used on the ‘English Passport’ Blog, owned by EDP Police Commissioner Candidate, S E Area Chairman and National Council member Steve Uncles’

All comments follow the same format, an accusation followed by “of the Anti EDP filth blog England Watch.”

England Watch categorically denies that it has ever used the term ‘EDP filth’, others may have but we have not and will not! We therefore do not see how England Watch can be described as ‘Anti EDP filth’!

England Watch has never knowingly published false information. We have over the past months made a few errors, which we have been only too pleased to correct.

England Watch therefore reserves to right to refuse access to people seeking to damage the reputation for honesty that we are trying to build.

If we have made errors regarding the EDP in any of our posts we will correct them, but at least some of our articles must be accurate, or favourable, otherwise Mr Uncles would not have used them.

No post or comment from ‘John Dobson’ will be allowed on the England Watch Blog, if ‘he’ wishes to post speculation and lies may we suggest that he goes where they will be acceptable.

Here at England Watch we are quite happy to continue to hit the ‘trash’ button whenever he/she/it pops up.


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