The Best of English Luck to England!

England Watch wishes the England football team members all the best as they set out on their Euro-quest!

It will not be an easy ride tonight, France will not be a push-over and we are a number of key players missing for various reasons. Questions have been asked as to whether Ukraine is a fit place to be given such a prestigious tournament, probably not but our first three games will be held there so we need to just get on with it. We urge all of the players to show restraint in the face of any adverse chanting, demonstrations etc.

One question that should be put to the organisers of the England campaign is why our players were based in Poland in order to acclimatise when all of our first games are in Ukraine where the temperature in June can be 10 degrees higher than Poland? France have been in Ukraine for weeks now, that could give them an edge.

One thing that may help the England team is the almost total lack of pressure, rarely has there been so very little hype, spin, expectation placed on the collective shoulders of a squad.

One final point! There are more English flags flying on houses and cars now than on St George’s Day. If only such English nationalism could be focused on the country rather than just a football team.

Vauxhall cars have it right in their advert!

“We’re not supporting a team, we’re supporting a nation”.


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