Have UKIP given up on an English Parliament?

About six months ago there was much hype on websites, blogs and Forums that UKIP were about to adopt a policy in support of a Parliament for England. It will defiantly go through, we were told, because Mr Farage is in favour.

Since then UKIP have had a conference where the UKIP Wales section organised a meeting against an EP. We then read that a member of the CEP told the EDP conference that a UKIP member had kicked a CEP member speaking in favour of a Parliament.

In January we were told that it was being discussed by the UKIP membership and that a vote would be taken ‘soon’ which would confirm the policy.

A number of prominent English nationalists joined UKIP on the strength of this ‘certainty’, we wonder if they are as disappointed as we are at the total lack of any obvious movement towards their goal?

England Watch is conscious that a number of recent polls have put UKIP ahead of the Lib’ Dem’s, if this is to become a trend then it could a strong argument against UKIP adopting a policy of support for an English Parliament and remaining a full UK party.


5 thoughts on “Have UKIP given up on an English Parliament?

  1. I expect that UKIP’s lead over the Lib Dems will be in England, and given that the English parliament policy was widely trailed in England, it might be an argument for UKIP to stick with EP policy.

    Whilst it is inexcusable for a UKIP member to assault a member of the CEP, it is deeply regrettable that a CEP member reported this at an EDP conference. Telling tales to the EDP about what goes on at another party’s conference completely undermines the CEP, and is one of the reasons I left.

    An English parliament is never going to be a priority for UKIP, especially while the Eurozone is in meltdown. As much as I would like them to adopt this policy, in terms of strategy it makes sense for them to concentrate on their main issue. Hopefully the Scottish independence referendum and the West Lothian Commission will help force their hand. In the absence of a credible TV-friendly, media-savvy English nationalist, Farrage could get himself a lot of air time by being the voice of English nationalism.

    • That CEP member should have reported the assault to Plod (although I doubt that they’d be interested in helping an English person), and UKIP should have expelled the assailant. What happens at one party’s conference should stay there.

    • It’s a bloody eternity since they announced it. How much ‘perfecting’ do they have to do before it becomes official.

    • RUSH?
      Eight months after it was first mooted it is very unlikely that UKIP will be accused of rushing over this issue.

      How difficult is it to come up with something along the lines of;
      “UKIP supports a Parliament for England with powers at least equal to those of the Scottish Parliament”?

      The longer this drags on the more it begins to look as if some English Nationalists were conned into joining UKIP with the promise of something that will not happen.

      If UKIP were ever to form a government would they take this long over every decision facing them?

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