England First Party has De-registered.

The ‘England First Party’ was voluntarily De-registered three days ago on the 14th June 2012 by the Party Leader Mark Cotterill.

The EFP had been registered on 2nd September 2003 and in the intervening years it had stood in over 40 elections and winning two council seats, making it the second most successful English nationalist party after the EDP.

We are left with three ‘live’ parties. The English Democrats, active but failing to grow, and the English People’s Party and One England both of which seem dormant.

The parlous state of English nationalist politics is illustrated by the list below. Since 2003, when the EFP was founded, a total of 14 political parties with the name England or English in their title have folded. They are listed below in order of closure.

Party of the English People’s. Registered 28/11/2001. [De-registered 30/04/03]

Last registered Leader, Dennis Seager.

The English Freedom Movement. Registered 22/05/2000.  [De-registered 04/09/03]

Last registered Leader, Chris Manning.

The English Alliance Party. Registered 16/08/2001. [De-registered 29/07/04]

Last registered Leader, Paul King.

English Pan-Nationalist Alliance. Registered 21/03/2002. [De-registered 01/03/05]

Last registered Leader, John-Anthony FitzPatrick.

Free England. Registered 12/12/2005. [De-registered 22/03/06]

Last registered Leader, William Bagshaw.

The English New Deal Alliance. Registered 24/11/2004. [De-registered 28/06/06]

Last registered Leader, C James Clark.

English Awareness Party. Registered 26/04/2006. [De-registered 01/11/07]

Last registered Leader, Brian Hadland.

Free England Party. Registered 11/02/2008. [Closed 06/12/09]

Last registered Leader, Tom Wyatt.

The English Progressive and Liberty Party. Registered 08/10/2002 [De-registered 02/11/10]

Last registered Leader, Shaun Nelson.

Council Tax Payers Party (England’s Own). Registered 28/02/2000. [De-registered 14/04/11]

Last registered Leader, J J Cooper.

Middle England Party. Registered 11/12/2006. [De-registered 25/07/11]

Last registered Leader, Paul ST John Martin.

English Radical Alliance. Registered 01/10/2009. [De-registered 23/11/11]

Last registered Leader, David Owens.

For England Party. Registered 18/02/2011. [Closed Feb’ 2012].

Last registered Leader, Michael Johnson.

England First Party. Registered 02/09/2003. [De-registered 14/06/12]

Last registered Leader, Mark Cotterill.


4 thoughts on “England First Party has De-registered.

  1. I’m just wondering? Are you celebrating the demise of all these English parties? And if so. What are you doing to help the English cause?

    • In answer to the first part of you comment. Either you are trying to be provocative or you have not read many of the articles posted on England Watch.

      England Watch is not a political party, has no intention of becoming a political party and does not support any particular political party. We post our views, which people are entitled to either read or ignore, we make observations and we relay things that we have read elsewhere and think other English nationalists may find interesting.

      With the promotional help of both our supporters and detractors we aim build up our readership so as to help people think about England as a separate political entity rather than just a meal-ticket for the rest of the UK!

  2. I have to agree with old albion on this englandwatch does look at everything in a negative light whilst I agree things aren’t to positive for English nationalism there are postives to be found, I do think your readership would improve if you looked for those positives.
    I would also like to say that again I think it is unfair to say the english peoples party is dormant we clearly show we are active with new articles on our website everyweek and a FB page which is updated every few hours.
    We also show that we campaign via leafleting having individual members blogs etc.
    Whilst you will mention I’m sure that we have only ventured into the electoral arena once our party has maintained we have a plan of putting in the effort and growing our party locally before we stand, we as a party do not wish ever to poll a derisory result and a bit of effort and planning will go a long way.

    • Thank you for your input!

      You say negative we say realistic.

      One thing that English nationalism does not need at the moment is yet another narrative viewed through rose-tinted-glasses! England Watch will, and does, promote and publicise positive news and initiatives but at the present time they are in the minority.

      Whilst not wishing to belittle the activities of the English People’s Party, we are all aware that the fact that a website and FB page is busy need not be an indicator of political activity or success, one of two people can make those look very populated. If political success could be won through the size of a party’s internet footprint the BNP would have been in power years ago.

      For good or ill changes in this country are made as a result of parties winning elections. Politicians call the tune, a party needs to get bums on seats in Parliament to effect laws and before they can do that they need to get bums on seats in council chambers in order to get taken seriously.

      At the local elections last month only two English nationalist parties stood, one lost half of its councillors the other has just folded.

      In its very first article England Watch stated it would be a ‘warts and all’ Blog, we do not believe in applying layers of makeup in order to make the subject look prettier!

      Whilst understanding the reasoning behind the EPP standpoint, membership can often be increased more by having a candidate stand in a ward than by putting 10,000 more words on the website.

      Good luck!

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