British Military Deaths in Afghanistan, A Family of Nations.

The number of British military deaths now stands at 419 after Corporal Alex Guy from 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment was killed as a result of enemy action in the Nad-e Ali area on 15 June.

A few days ago I decided to breakdown this truly awful figure to see where those people came from. It proved to be rather eye-opening.

By checking the official statements and doing a little research on the 13, mainly Special Forces, where details are not given I have come up with the following table.

England.               320.

Scotland.                32.

Wales.                    26.

Nepal.                    10.

Fiji.                           8.

N’ Ireland.                7.

South Africa.            5.

Irish Rep’.                3.

Australia.                 1.

Jamaica.                  1.

New Zealand.          1.

USA.                        1.

Zimbabwe.               1.

Unknown.                 3.

Irrespective of our personal thoughts on the validity of the war we should not lose sight of the fact that all of these people, from here, the Commonwealth and beyond, made the supreme sacrifice wearing the uniform of our country.


(This is the second of three military articles written for England Watch by a guest! The last one will be posted soon.)


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