Good Luck England Against Ukraine! But Keep The Hard Hats Handy.

England Watch wish Good Luck to the England team in their final group game tonight. All we need to do is not lose and that would see us through to the Quarter-Finals. There are still three teams looking for the two places but England and France know that they only have to draw whereas Ukraine have to beat England to go through.

As things stand before tonight’s game.

France.                 4pts.      (Top due to goal difference.)

England.               4pts.

Ukraine.               3pts.

Sweden.              0pts.

Sweden is going home, a win tonight would give them 3pts, but that would make no difference.

Statistically any of the other three could join them.

A win or a draw would put both England and France through and Ukraine would join Sweden in going home, but they wouldn’t have as far to travel!

If England and Ukraine draw then France could actually lose 1-0 to Sweden and still go through, but if they lost big-time,  4-0, 5-0, then it would be England and Ukraine through.

Dream results for tonight!

England. 1. Ukraine. 0.

Sweden. 1. France. 0.

‘Would be happy with’ result.

England 3. Ukraine. 0.

Sweden. 0.France. 1.

Either of those would see England through as leader of the group and a match with Italy in Kiev.

The question then is how would the Ukraine ‘fans’ take a defeat? Would the ‘happy mask’ slip from their face? It could well be a case of ‘Hard hats at the ready’!


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