No EDP candidates in Liverpool after all!

A few days ago England Watch hosted an article from a Merseyside reader saying that the EDP was standing two candidates in the Liverpool by-elections. Unfortunately this is not the case, hopefully someone knows why.

Just six weeks ago the party stood a candidate for Elected Mayor as well as candidates in 5 of the wards of the city council, including one of those electing next month. So why not in these elections?

Below is part of the original article, the full text has now been deleted:


“On the 5th July there will be two borough council by-elections in Liverpool. England Watch has been informed by one of our Merseyside readers that the EDP is standing candidates in these elections.

 It is claimed that Neil Kenny is the candidate in Riverside ward; this would make sense as he stood in that ward only six weeks ago and received 103 votes (3.15%).

The candidate in Allerton and Hunts Cross ward is said to be Paul Rimmer. If the EDP is standing in this ward it will be its first time.

England Watch has run with this because it makes sense for two of the people who stood just last month to stand again.”

We await any helpful comment!


2 thoughts on “No EDP candidates in Liverpool after all!

  1. Dear England watch, You are correct in that no EDP candidates will be contesting the 2 by-elections in Liverpool. Although we would have been able to field candidates we would not have been able to get enough leaflets out due to other committments by our members in the area to do the campaign justice. I will endeavour to up date you of our campaigns in the North West. Regards Stephen Morris NW Chairman

    • Thank you for the update. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

      We still feel that this could have been an ideal opportunity to test out the value of paper candidates v active candidates.
      Six weeks ago the EDP stood in Riverside ward, if you did leaflet the ward then a paper candidate this time could have provided information on the value for money of the leaflets in that area. If the % of the vote did not fall dramatically then that may indicate that Riverside is not a ward worth spending money on with leaflets.

      You should also bear in mind that there may not be any other council elections in Liverpool for two years; even paper candidates get the party name into the local newspaper.

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