English Democrats ‘supporter’ threatens a Personal Vendetta?

Yesterday, 20th June 2012, England Watch posted an article about the absence of EDP candidates in next month’s Liverpool By-elections. Nothing malicious, no lies just comment.  It received a very courteous reply from the Chairman of the English Democrats in the North West, which ended;

“I will endeavour to up date you of our campaigns in the North West. Regards Stephen Morris NW Chairman.”

In spite of this amicable correspondence five comments were sent to us in the space of six minutes in the early hours of this morning.

They are all from the same email address with the usual claims, beginning with;

John Dobson

Conservativehome  x


92. …………….

Submitted on 2012/06/21 at 12:38 am

……………………. is behind the Anti EDP filth blog England watch.


but culminating with;


John Dobson

Conservativehome  x


92. ……………..

Submitted on 2012/06/21 at 12:44 am

A Blog will be set up on Friday with Articles about the Liberal Liar and Fraud ……………………

(Again some information has been withheld.)

This is beginning to escalate out of all proportion, we are a minor Blog and the EDP is a minor party. For an ‘English Democrat supporter’ to threaten to begin what amounts to a vendetta against an individual that they ‘think’ may have something to do with, what has always been stated is a group project, hints at a level of personal  vindictiveness that is totally out of order.

The person accused is aware of these, and other, posts to England Watch and if they wish to take it further they will receive all assistance possible. We will not be deleting these comments or any older ones that may prove useful to anyone in the future.

This is not just an attack on an individual but also on the English belief in free speech, it is a throw-back to European politics of the Mid-20th century.

These threats are the actions of people who profess to be English Democrats supporters. Is this the future for the Party?


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