Calderdale English Democrats, what happened?

One of our readers noticed that on the 19th July 2012 there is a By-election to elect a councillor for the Warley ward of Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, knowing that the EDP had been active in the borough in the past we decided to have a look to see if the party had a candidate in what, a few years ago, seemed to be one of the main growth areas for the English Democrats.

The EDP did not field any candidates in the local elections of May 2006 but Paul Rogan was elected as one of the Conservative councillors for Rastrick Ward, two months later, in July 2006 he defected to the English Democrats taking some Conservative party members, including former candidates, with him.

In the local elections of May 2007 the party fielded five candidates and achieved some quite respectable results.

The following month, 14th June, English Democrat Faizan Saghir, an ex-Conservative candidate, stood in a by-election in Warley ward.

In the elections of May 2008 the English Democrats again fielded five candidates. Results were mixed but in Rastrick ward, where the EDP had its sitting councillor, both the number of votes and the percentage of the vote increased a sign of hope for retaining the seat in 2010 maybe? Actually a more telling sign of things to come was that one of the 2007 candidates, Shakir Saghir an ex-Tory,  stood as an Independent.

There were no local elections in 2009.

In the 2010 elections the English Democrats didn’t field any candidates in the borough and their sitting councillor, Paul Rogan, did not defend his seat.

There have been no EDP candidates since 2008, and there isn’t one in the Warley By-election next month, some of the former EDP candidates have returned to the Conservative Party fold, with at least one standing as a candidate again.

It seems that the resurgence of EDP support in Yorkshire in 2011/12 has not yet reached Calderdale.


20th July 2006

Rastrick                  Paul Rogan. Tory councillor defects to the English Democrats Party.


Brighouse                 Richard Langford,             282         8.50%

Elland                       Mick Clarke,                       408         15.10%

Park                         Shakir Saghir,                     567         13.40%

Rastrick                   David Stevenson,             418            13.50%

Town                       David Mounsey,               165               5.90%

14/06/2007 By-election.              

Warley                      Faizan Saghir,                     51           1.80%


Elland                       Mick Clarke,                       262            9.59%

Greetland                Jonathan Rogan,                  59             1.92%

Northowarm            John Dowson,                     343           10.59%

Rastrick                   David Stevenson,               516           16.37%

Sowerby Bridge      Tom Mathieson,                  103             3.50%


Rastrick                   Paul Rogan                        EDP councillor does not defend his seat.



2 thoughts on “Calderdale English Democrats, what happened?

  1. Busted flush, Tilbrook and Uncles will ensure they don’t exist by late 2014, when a real English Party should be shouting from the rooftops “What about the English?” Ah well such is life, mustn’t grumble.

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