An English Parliament not a beefed up Lords!

Cameron, in his wisdom, has decided that it is a good time to start the preliminaries for the revamping of the House of Lords. The plan is for a chamber with about 450 members of which 80% will be elected and 20%, about 90, will be appointed or created.

The part of the plan that many people are finding difficult to take in is the suggestion that they serve a single term of fifteen years with no opportunity of re-election.

But fifteen years! Ye Gods! The thoughts are that the proposed ‘Lords’ will be paid less than MPs, so the likelihood then is that most of the new members will come forward after they have had a successful career. That could mean that they are already in their late 50s early 60s when they begin their 15 term.

It may well be a ‘worst-case-scenario’ but is 450 70 year olds really what we need to address the problems of this country in the 21st Century? In many cases it will be a ‘job for life’ and, as yet, their does not seem to be any mechanism in place whereby the electorate can get them out during those 15 years unless they have committed a crime.

England Watch would prefer to see the Lords abolished and an Elected English Parliament set up to look after the needs and interests of the People of England.

England is the only part of the UK without its own Parliament so by abolishing the House of Lords and using the chamber for the English Parliament we could correct that injustice. There would also be a great saving in financial terms as well, because the UK Parliament would have a very much smaller workload it could be culled from 650 to about 250.

In the longer term the Houses of Parliament would become the home for the two chambers of the Parliament of an independent England.


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