46 Years since the Glory Day.

30th July 1966 Sir Alf Ramsey’s men took on and defeated the Germans 4 2 at Wembley.

Let us hope that the Lion’s roar echoes down through the years and is heard by some of the sports men and women striving for glory in London 2012.

The Lions of Wembley, twelve good Englishmen and true!

Gordon Banks.  1937 –

George Cohen. 1939 –

Jack Charlton.    1935 –

Bobby Moore (c)              1941 – 1993.

Ray Wilson.         1934 –

Nobby Stiles.     1942 –

Alan Ball.                              1945 – 2007.

Bobby Charlton. 1937 –

Martin Peters.   1943 –

Geoff Hurst.       1941 –

Roger Hunt.       1938 –

Alf Ramsey.                        1920 – 1999.

Kenneth Wolstenholme described the end as follows:

 “And here comes Hurst. He’s got… some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over. It is now! It’s four!”.


Invisible English at London 2012.

The London 2012 Olympics have begun!

The opening ceremony was inventive, powerful; inspiring and moving. It graphically illustrated the transition from a rural England to an industrial and post-industrial England Apart from a few issues, which can be ascribed to musical taste, or lack of it, the only real negative that I would level at the night was why was it thought necessary to display the pale shadow of the Giant that was Mohammad Ali?

Surely he deserves his rest!

Now that we have moved onto the actual action of the games we English must prepare ourselves for having to discover who all the invisible athletes are!

The BBC, along with most of the media, seems to forget that English sportsmen and sportswomen exist. Already we have heard about it being a proud day for the Scotsman when Sir Chris Hoy entered the arena whereas Sir Steve Redgrave was British. Also in the football  Giggs was ‘a proud Welshman’, but Rose was a Tottenham player and Butland was ‘a young Birmingham player’!………………………….Just listen out for the number of ‘Welsh wizards’ or ‘Flying Scotsmen’ etc there are in the next two weeks compared to the few time anyone will be referred to as English!

Just listen out for the discrimination when, hopefully, medals are won or athletes do well, Welsh and Scots we be referred to as such but English are either British or referred to in connection with their Club, a ‘Haringey member’, a’ Birchfield Harrier’, or ‘trains at the Gateshead Club’!

Hello! Excuse me! If they are not all just ‘British’ then please remember that the English are there too!

English Democrats Continue to Fall Apart in London!

In March/April 2012 the EDP Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, via a TV interview and the internet, announced to the world that he was to be the EDP London mayoral candidate, but then everything began to go sour. It began with Mr Tilbrook having to back down after being unable to find enough support or money to stand, since then the English Democrats members have had to  gaze on as the London branch experiences even more self-inflicted-wounds.

In 2008 the English Democrats managed candidates for an impressive 39 contests for the London Assembly, in 2012 they stood 8 candidates for 9 contests.

These were the 8!

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Benjamin Weald. 4. Leo Brookes. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Mark Twiddy. 7. Michael Barnbrook, 8. Brian Cakebread.

Even while the election campaign was on-going the number 3 on the EDP list, Ben Weald, posted on his Facebook page:

“ It is with great sadness that i have to announce that after 5 years with the English Democrats that i will be leaving the party on May 5th after the GLA elections have taken place.”

A few weeks later number 5 on the list, Janus Polenceus, resigned from the English Democrats and it was made very public via Face book.

It seems that Face book is now the preferred method of contact for the EDP as we have now seen a third member of the ‘London eight’ use it to post his resignation from the EDP.

Mark Twiddy, the only EDP London Assembly constituency candidate and also number 6 on the London-wide list, has posted that he has sent his letter of resignation to Robin Tilbrook.

This illustrates the weakness of the EDP within the English capital. In May the party only managed to field eight candidates by including Steve Uncles who doesn’t live in London. Now we see that of the remaining seven at least three have left the party.

London seems to be an example of what is going on in the EDP as a whole!

England First Party/ Democratic Nationalists, Disaster for the ‘merged party’!

The first electoral outing for the newly ‘merged’ party has proved to be a humiliating disaster.

On 26th July in Stoke on Trent Mark Leat, a former leading England First candidate, stood as a Democratic Nationalists candidate in a by-election in the Springfields & Trent Vale ward.

The result is as follows.

Jackie BARNES (City Independents)         370.

Mubsira AUMIR (Labour)             245.

Les PORCH (Liberal Democrat)   152.

Harold GREGORY (Conservative Party)   109.

Michael BEDNARSKI (UK Independence Party)   105.

Gary ELSBY (Independent)          36.

Michael COLEMAN (British National Party)           27.

Matt WRIGHT (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)          14.

Mark LEAT (Democratic Nationalists)     2.

It needs to be remembered that Mark Leat had to get 10 electors from the ward to sign his nomination papers in order for him to stand for election. Even allowing for the fact that it was the first time that the Democratic Nationalists had stood in Stoke to receive just 2 votes is a total disaster.

In fact 2 could be the lowest number of votes ever received by a nationalist candidate.

Sorry Soldier but we only allow really serious criminals to stay here!

A Fijian man who served in the British Army for 13 years is fighting to stay in the UK after being told he must leave the country by 9 August.

L/Cpl Isimeli Baleiwai served in Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq twice and once in Afghanistan, before leaving the Army in June. He is married to a UK national and has two children who were born here.

Regardless of this on 28 June 2012, L/Cpl Baleiwai heard that he had been refused citizenship and would also be refused Indefinite Leave to Remain because he had what the UK Border Agency (UKBA) classed as a criminal conviction so was not of “good character”. On 12 July he was informed by letter that he must leave the country by 9 August.

So what was the heinous crime that, after 13 years serving in British Army uniform, makes him unsuitable to live in this country?

Maybe murder, rape, terrorism, paedophilia, armed robbery?

No, in 2010 he was involved in a drunken brawl with another squaddie for which the Army fined him £1,000!

We know from recent cases that this government are quite willing to accept that even if someone living here has been convicted of murder, rape, terrorism, paedophilia, armed robbery the chances are that they will not be deported because it infringes their human rights.

The law may or may not be an ass but in this case the people responsible for interpreting it most certainly are.

So far 9 Fijian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan serving in the British Army, L/Cpl Baleiwai spent 13 years putting his life on the line for the UK Government. His reward from the UK Government is deportation!

This means that either the family has to split, with his wife and children staying in their home country after he is deported, or the family stays together meaning that his wife and children have to move to a strange country that they know nothing about!

Why is he being kicked out but not some of those found guilty of murder, rape, terrorism, paedophilia, armed robbery?

He is an easy target, simple as that!

The full BBC report can be found here.


England Watch list of the Fallen in Afghanistan can be found here.


EDP Mayoral candidate mounts a private prosecution against Merseyside police!

“A FAR-RIGHT politician is to sue Merseyside police for flying a gay rights flag above a police station.

English Democrat Paul Rimmer, who recently failed in his bid to become mayor of Liverpool, was arrested in May after an argument in Toxteth’s Admiral Street police station over the flying of the iconic rainbow flag.

He answers police bail later this month, but has served the police with papers stating his intention to mount a private prosecution.

City leaders today condemned Mr Rimmer’s actions and praised the police for flying the flag on International Day Against Homophobia.

Mr Rimmer was arrested in May after an argument with a female member of staff behind the counter in the police station. He quoted a well-known extract from the book of Leviticus in the Bible at her. After leaving the station, he was approached by two police officers and told he was being arrested. Mr Rimmer, who says he is a devout Christian, said he was arrested on suspicion of committing a homophobic hate crime.

He was then driven to Belle Vale police station and held in cells for almost six hours before being released on bail.

Today deputy council leader Paul Brant said: “These are bonkers views. The rainbow flag was flown on International Day Against Homophobia, which is marked right across the world, and the police should be praised for their impulsivity.

“The English Democrats were rejected at the recent elections and we should focus on what unites us rather than divides us.”

Liberal group leader Cllr Steve Radford described Mr Rimmer’s views as “bigoted fantasy”.”

The full Liverpool Echo article can be found here;


English Democrats result in Kettering, 19th July 2012.

Desborough Town Council, Loatland ward.

Ben King.             Lab,        433.       37.0%.

Daniel Howes.   Con,       382.       35.7%.

Kevin Sills.          EDP,       152.       14.2%.

Clive Skinner.     BNP,         64.         6.0%.

Philip Rice.          L D.            38.         3.6%.

Former National Democrats candidate Kevin Sills has been the English Democrats Party’s regular candidate in Kettering since joining them in 2009.

It is the first time that both Kevin Sills and the EDP have stood in this ward and so it can be counted as a creditable performance.