Steve Uncles to stand in Parish Election! (And District?)

On 2nd June the sad death was announced of Sheila East, the Conservative member for Castle ward of Dartford Council, following a battle with cancer. Her death also leaves a vacancy in the Castle ward of Stone Parish Council.

It has been reported by the EDP on Facebook that the new Kent Chairman has offered Mr Uncles the candidacy in Castle ward of Stone Parish Council in an upcoming By-election.

Dartford Borough has a few Parish councils there is to be an election in one of them in the near future.

Stone Parish Council, Castle ward.

The English Democrats are probably better known in Dartford than in any other area.

The voters of Stone have had EDP candidates in the;

European Elections of 2005, 2010.

The UK General Election of 2010.

Kent County Council Elections of 2009.

District council elections of 2007, 2011.

Stone Parish Council. There was an EDP candidate in a By-election in St John’s ward in January 2010.

Though Sheila East was also a District Councillor no announcement has yet been made regarding an EDP candidate in that election.

The EDP stood against Sheila East in the 2011 local elections in Castle ward..

Sheila East.         Cons.     337         56.35%

Dharma Ramdass Appadoo.        Lab.        122         20.40%

Richard John Lees.           SGRA.   83           13.88%

Frances Elizabeth Moore.            EDP.       56           9.36%



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