English Nationalist wins Legal case against EDP Chairman.

Recently England Watch had sketchy reports from two trustworthy readers that a well-known and very active English nationalist went to court in London to get a totally unfair and unwarranted charge against him thrown out. We were not sure that our sources were correct so therefore we held off from reporting anything.

The reports were correct and he was successful, we believe that all true English nationalists should now be celebrating, with a pint of real ale or a glass of English wine, the fact that English justice, common sense and freedom of speech prevailed.

Unfortunately not everything in this sorry affair can be celebrated with such reverie. We would love to be able to say that this was a victory over a far-left group or a far-right party or, even better, some evil media mogul. We can’t say that because it would not be true. ‘Our English nationalist hero’ was being taken to court by a leading member of England’s largest nationalist party.

What was this all about then?

“Robin Tilbrook,a solicitor and chairman of the English Democrats Party, sued Stuart Parr, the author of the Bloggers4UKIP blog for defamation and malicious falsehood, claiming that he was defamed in a post which said that two former BNP members had joined his party and ended with the words ,

“English Democrats: Not left, not right, just racist.””

This is a play on words of the EDP motto.

Mr Justice Tugendhat said: “The main issue before the court in this application is whether the words complained of are capable of being understood as referring to the claimant.

“The claimant is not named. Nor do the Particulars of Claim set out any facts relied on which might be known to any particular publishees, and no publishees are identified.

He had concluded, he said, that the words complained of were not capable of referring to Mr Tilbrook.

A fuller report is available via this link,


Mr Tilbrook’s less informative version can be found here.


This is not the first time that a leading member of the EDP has suffered at the hands of the courts for bring very weak cases. Readers may recall that in 2010 a case brought against HSBC ended with Steve Uncles, South East Chairman,  £7,000 out of pocket.

Mr Tilbrook, who pulled out of the contest for London Mayor at the last minute, has already announced that he will be standing for election as Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex in November.

The question that will now be asked is whether this ruling will have any effect on that decision? It could well be that Mr Tilbrook may well have a lighter wallet come November!

English nationalism is weak; actions such as the one taken by Mr Tilbrook will only succeed in weakening it!

The idea that ‘if your argument won’t stand up then your lawyer should’ must not be allowed to curtail freedom of speech in England!


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