One England has a new Party Leader.

According to the Electoral Commission website John Botting has stepped down and he has been replaced as Party Leader of One England by Daniel Fisher.

John Botting was one of the founder members of One England in 2010 and had been Party Leader from its inception.

England Watch knows nothing of the new leader but we have been told that he is possibly the same person as Dan Fisher, formerly of the Free England Party.

The English nationalist movement has lost a number of small parties over the past twelve months. Could it be that the reports of One England’s death have been greatly exaggerated? We hope so!

But, as we are unable to find even a national Website for the party, it would seem that they may need a large transfusion of new blood as well as this transplant if they are to make a total recovery!

Whoever the new Leader is England Watch sends both him and One England its best wishes for the continuation of the unique, moderate, English Independence, course that they have chosen!

English independence may not be the most pressing thing on the minds of the English people at this moment, and the fact that One England has not grown as much as could have been expected may reflect this, but it is right that those that do favour the route have a vehicle to help them on that journey!


One thought on “One England has a new Party Leader.

  1. I believe Dan is a very young person. Maybe less than 25 if I remember correctly. He was a free entry FEP Youth Member, I believe. Also, I believe he did some design work for the FEP as well which was quite reasonable.

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