English Democrats result in Kettering, 19th July 2012.

Desborough Town Council, Loatland ward.

Ben King.             Lab,        433.       37.0%.

Daniel Howes.   Con,       382.       35.7%.

Kevin Sills.          EDP,       152.       14.2%.

Clive Skinner.     BNP,         64.         6.0%.

Philip Rice.          L D.            38.         3.6%.

Former National Democrats candidate Kevin Sills has been the English Democrats Party’s regular candidate in Kettering since joining them in 2009.

It is the first time that both Kevin Sills and the EDP have stood in this ward and so it can be counted as a creditable performance.


One thought on “English Democrats result in Kettering, 19th July 2012.

  1. this is kevin sills and i have never been a member of any party until i joined the freedom party in late 90’s, i did stand for the national democrats in GE 1997 and several locals in kettering until joining the freedom party with sharon and steve edwards. Please stop spreading this commonly used false ‘internet rumour’ started by the bnp. connecting my name to a toxic name is not helping our common cause and i ask why do you do it?

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