England First Party/ Democratic Nationalists, Disaster for the ‘merged party’!

The first electoral outing for the newly ‘merged’ party has proved to be a humiliating disaster.

On 26th July in Stoke on Trent Mark Leat, a former leading England First candidate, stood as a Democratic Nationalists candidate in a by-election in the Springfields & Trent Vale ward.

The result is as follows.

Jackie BARNES (City Independents)         370.

Mubsira AUMIR (Labour)             245.

Les PORCH (Liberal Democrat)   152.

Harold GREGORY (Conservative Party)   109.

Michael BEDNARSKI (UK Independence Party)   105.

Gary ELSBY (Independent)          36.

Michael COLEMAN (British National Party)           27.

Matt WRIGHT (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)          14.

Mark LEAT (Democratic Nationalists)     2.

It needs to be remembered that Mark Leat had to get 10 electors from the ward to sign his nomination papers in order for him to stand for election. Even allowing for the fact that it was the first time that the Democratic Nationalists had stood in Stoke to receive just 2 votes is a total disaster.

In fact 2 could be the lowest number of votes ever received by a nationalist candidate.


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