English Democrats Continue to Fall Apart in London!

In March/April 2012 the EDP Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, via a TV interview and the internet, announced to the world that he was to be the EDP London mayoral candidate, but then everything began to go sour. It began with Mr Tilbrook having to back down after being unable to find enough support or money to stand, since then the English Democrats members have had to  gaze on as the London branch experiences even more self-inflicted-wounds.

In 2008 the English Democrats managed candidates for an impressive 39 contests for the London Assembly, in 2012 they stood 8 candidates for 9 contests.

These were the 8!

1.Roger Cooper. 2. Steven Uncles. 3. Benjamin Weald. 4. Leo Brookes. 5. Janus Polenceus. 6. Mark Twiddy. 7. Michael Barnbrook, 8. Brian Cakebread.

Even while the election campaign was on-going the number 3 on the EDP list, Ben Weald, posted on his Facebook page:

“ It is with great sadness that i have to announce that after 5 years with the English Democrats that i will be leaving the party on May 5th after the GLA elections have taken place.”

A few weeks later number 5 on the list, Janus Polenceus, resigned from the English Democrats and it was made very public via Face book.

It seems that Face book is now the preferred method of contact for the EDP as we have now seen a third member of the ‘London eight’ use it to post his resignation from the EDP.

Mark Twiddy, the only EDP London Assembly constituency candidate and also number 6 on the London-wide list, has posted that he has sent his letter of resignation to Robin Tilbrook.

This illustrates the weakness of the EDP within the English capital. In May the party only managed to field eight candidates by including Steve Uncles who doesn’t live in London. Now we see that of the remaining seven at least three have left the party.

London seems to be an example of what is going on in the EDP as a whole!


2 thoughts on “English Democrats Continue to Fall Apart in London!

  1. The English Democrats are more of a hindrance to the English cause than a benefit. The sooner they pack up and let a more moderate party take their place the better.

    • I couldn’t agree more with James Allan. while the English Democrats lost their way long ago, the sad fact is that people have so been turned off of English Nationalism they would not even consider joining another party with England in it’s name. I did think twice about renewing my membership of the Campaign fo an English Parliament which seems to be tainted in the same way.

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