Invisible English at London 2012.

The London 2012 Olympics have begun!

The opening ceremony was inventive, powerful; inspiring and moving. It graphically illustrated the transition from a rural England to an industrial and post-industrial England Apart from a few issues, which can be ascribed to musical taste, or lack of it, the only real negative that I would level at the night was why was it thought necessary to display the pale shadow of the Giant that was Mohammad Ali?

Surely he deserves his rest!

Now that we have moved onto the actual action of the games we English must prepare ourselves for having to discover who all the invisible athletes are!

The BBC, along with most of the media, seems to forget that English sportsmen and sportswomen exist. Already we have heard about it being a proud day for the Scotsman when Sir Chris Hoy entered the arena whereas Sir Steve Redgrave was British. Also in the football  Giggs was ‘a proud Welshman’, but Rose was a Tottenham player and Butland was ‘a young Birmingham player’!………………………….Just listen out for the number of ‘Welsh wizards’ or ‘Flying Scotsmen’ etc there are in the next two weeks compared to the few time anyone will be referred to as English!

Just listen out for the discrimination when, hopefully, medals are won or athletes do well, Welsh and Scots we be referred to as such but English are either British or referred to in connection with their Club, a ‘Haringey member’, a’ Birchfield Harrier’, or ‘trains at the Gateshead Club’!

Hello! Excuse me! If they are not all just ‘British’ then please remember that the English are there too!


3 thoughts on “Invisible English at London 2012.

    • Thank you for that, we were most interested to see that this England Watch article has now been copied and posted onto Steve Uncles’, EDP supporting, English Passport Blog.
      Normally we are quite happy to have our articles offered to a wider public providing that England Watch is credited as the origin and a link is provided to our original post.
      That is the honest and honourable thing to do and reputable Blog owners are only too willing to acknowledge authorship of articles that they import from elsewhere.
      It seems that Mr Uncles is more than willing to stand apart from others in this respect!
      England Watch is uncertain as to whether this could be classed as illegal but it strikes us that it is not the sort of action that should be expected from an English Democrats Police & Crime Commissioner candidate!

      It has been suggested that we do the same to some his articles! NO!

      Firstly, unlike him we are reputable Blog owners!

      Secondly, you only have to take a look at some of his posts to see why we wouldn’t wish to tarnish the good name for credibility and honesty that we are building up for England Watch.

      One wonders why Mr Uncles’ Blog is widely known as the English Pisspot?

  1. What an insult considering 99% of the medal winners will be English. No doubt the handful of Scottish medal winners will be paraded on an open top bus up and down the streets of Edinburgh after they’ve enjoyed the ‘Team GB’ celebrations at Downing St. whereas the English medal winners will have to make do with the latter, no separate celebrations for them.

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