46 Years since the Glory Day.

30th July 1966 Sir Alf Ramsey’s men took on and defeated the Germans 4 2 at Wembley.

Let us hope that the Lion’s roar echoes down through the years and is heard by some of the sports men and women striving for glory in London 2012.

The Lions of Wembley, twelve good Englishmen and true!

Gordon Banks.  1937 –

George Cohen. 1939 –

Jack Charlton.    1935 –

Bobby Moore (c)              1941 – 1993.

Ray Wilson.         1934 –

Nobby Stiles.     1942 –

Alan Ball.                              1945 – 2007.

Bobby Charlton. 1937 –

Martin Peters.   1943 –

Geoff Hurst.       1941 –

Roger Hunt.       1938 –

Alf Ramsey.                        1920 – 1999.

Kenneth Wolstenholme described the end as follows:

 “And here comes Hurst. He’s got… some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over. It is now! It’s four!”.


One thought on “46 Years since the Glory Day.

  1. It was 46 years ago. You must have been educated at a comprehensive, thanks to Tony Crosland and Shirley Williams (who both went to grammar and/or private schools).

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