English Nationalist Candidate in Yorkshire 20th September 2012.

SCARBOROUGH Borough Council. Esk Valley ward.

20th September 2012.


Michael JAMES. UKIP.

Simon PARKES. Lab.


Mike WARD. Ind.

It is the first time that the EDP has fought a ward in Scarborough and it is also the first time that Ed Scott has been a candidate for the party.


‘New England Party’.

This is the first of a series of articles on ‘historic’ English Nationalist parties of the 21st Century. In this context we are using historic to mean nothing more than that they are no longer active, even if they are still registered as a political party.

The New England Party was a very small party based in Dartford Kent. It was registered on 5th March 2003 with Michael Tibby as Party Leader. Its first foray into the political arena was just eight weeks later when Mike Tibby stood in the Dartford Borough elections. Against all expectations he was elected as a councillor,taking the Littlebrook ward from Labour.

In late 2004 Councillor Tibby was joined in the council chamber by Councillor Austin Brooker, Newtown ward, who defected to the NEP from the Labour Party. This meant that they could form an official NEP Group on the Borough Council.

The Kent County Council elections in May 2005 saw the party at its most active with candidates standing in five of the Divisions. These candidates included Steven and Louise Uncles.

The results were;

Dartford East.    Michael Tibby,   434.  7.78%

Dartford North East.       Austin Brooker,   557,   9.06%

Dartford Rural.  Louise Uncles,   436,    5.19%

Dartford West.  Annette Quilter,  236,     3.06%

Wilmington,       Steven Uncles,  375,   4.42%

The New England Party’s final electoral outing was in a Borough Council By-election for Heath ward 27th July 2007. The result there was;

Heath ward.       Steven Uncles,  174,        9.60%

As the result of talks between the leadership of the New England Party and the English Democrats Party the NEP merged with the EDP on 5th March 2007, the NEP’s 4th anniversary. Both of the NEP councillors made the move giving the EDP its first ever councillors in the south of England. In the Borough elections two months later Councillor Brooker did not seek re-election, Councillor Tibby did, but lost his seat on the council. Since then the EDP has not come even close to winning a seat in Dartford!

The NEP is still registered as a party with the Electoral Commission and Mike Tibby is still Leader. With the decline of the EDP in the south East it has been mooted that the NEP should be re-activated as it was far more successful than its successor!

SNP cinema trip costs taxpayers £48,000!

The film may have been a fanciful fairy-tale but the cost to the taxpayer was only too real. £48,000 to fly Alex Salmond and a few of his cronies out to the USA for a ‘jolly’!

“Alex Salmond spent almost £50,000 on flights for him and his entourage to attend the premiere of the animated film ‘Brave’ in California, according to new figures.

Flights for civil servants accompanying the First Minister on the four-day trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco came to £48,000.”

Unfortunately this is not a ‘one-off’ incident. A pattern is beginning to emerge where the SNP leadership seems to think that they can spend whatever they like on their own comfort and pleasure, all for the good of Scotland of course.

That would be all well and good if these expenses were paid for by taxes in Scotland, where the taxpayers could vote them out of office if they so wished, but as we know Scotland receives more money from the UK government than the total revenue raised in Scotland. The same applies to Wales and Northern Ireland which means that it is the taxpayers in England who have to pay for this sort of perk for the SNP et al.

Another example of an SNP two-finger-gesture to the taxpayer came from Salmond’s number two, who has learned well from her master.

“Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister, charged the taxpayer up to £564.25 for a return flight from Edinburgh to London last year, despite the fact flights can be bought for less than £100 with budget airlines.”

The do-little Deputy is not the only one wasting taxpayers hard-erned money!

Figures, released under freedom of information legislation, also reveal that Scottish ministers and their civil servants have spent £8.4 million of taxpayers’ money on a record number of flights since SNP took power five years ago, according to the Telegraph.

In regard to his, very expensive, trip to the cinema Mr Salmond said in his defence,

“Alex Salmond has said the Disney-Pixar animated Brave, set in the Highlands, could boost tourism, giving a £140 million injection to the Scottish economy.”

This seems another good reason for abolishing the obscene tax on the English that is called the ‘Barnett Formula’.

The full article can be found here:


English Nationalist Candidate In Lincolnshire 6th September 2012.

Elliot Fountain is rapidly becoming the EDPs automatic Lincolnshire candidate as he goes for his second county election in five weeks. The first was a Division in Lincoln, this one is in West Lindsey District.

Lincolnshire County Council – Nettleham & Saxilby Division.

6th September 2012.

Jackie Brockway – Con

Richard Coupland – Lab

Elliot Fountain – Eng Dem

Charles Shaw – LD

Howard Thompson – UKIP

David Watson – Lincs Ind.

Whilst it is very laudable of Elliot Fountain to be willing to stand for his party in these elections, neither of them very close to his home in Boston, the fact that he feels the need to have to spread himself so far could be seen as a sign that EDP members are a rare breed in Lincolnshire.

This was his result in August.


Two more deaths in Afghanistan.

The MOD has announced the deaths of two more servicemen in Afghanistan.

A British soldier who died in Afghanistan on Thursday has been named as Lt Andrew Robert Chesterman of 3rd Battalion, The Rifles.

Lt Chesterman was shot in an ambush in Helmand province after a vehicle in his convoy struck a roadside bomb, the Ministry of Defence said.

The 26-year old, who was born in Guildford, Surrey, and lived in Bristol, had been deployed since April.

His father Paul Chesterman said their family had lost a “fine young man”. He added: “Andrew gave himself fully and wholeheartedly to his career in 3 Rifles.”His family are immensely proud of him and will carry him very dearly in their hearts.”


A British soldier who was killed in Afghanistan on Friday has been named by the Ministry of Defence.

Father-of-four Lance Corporal Matthew Smith, 26, from Corps of Royal Engineers was shot while on duty in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand province. He died of injuries sustained while he was involved in a construction task.

It comes only hours after the MoD named Lt Andrew Robert Chesterman of 3rd Battalion, The Rifles, as the soldier killed on Thursday.

L/Cpl Smith’s mother Caroline described him as a “hero” and said he was devoted to his family and four children – Lainie, Ella, Tilli and Jai – aged between one and seven years old, and “talked about them endlessly”.


If you click on our “UK Military, A Page for the Fallen!” you will find more information!

What is happening to the English Democrats in Dartford?

It is not so long ago that Dartford was considered to be, and promoted as, the English Democrats strongest branch and number-one target for both Parliamentary and local governmental success!

As we now know that did not happen!

Effectively the origin of the EDP in Dartford was the ‘New England Party’ run by Mike Tibby. (A pocket history of this short-lived party will be posted in the near future.)

The EDP emerged onto the electoral scene in Dartford at the Borough elections of 2007, they fielded 20 candidates and averaged around 9%, with a high of 24.5% in Heath ward and a low of 2.8% in Longfield, New Barn & Southfleet ward.

A Prince’s ward bye-election in 2008 showed a 5% increase on the previous year with Mike Tibby getting 16.8%.

In the Kent County Council elections of 2009 the EDP fielded candidates in the 6 Dartford Divisions. Five of them gained over 20% of the vote and averaged 20.9% with a high of 26% and a low of 8.4%.

The 2011 Borough elections were a disaster for the EDP in Dartford with their 24 candidates averaging just 4.8%. Only one of the candidates reaching double figures, 12.5% in Littlebrook with the lowest being Steven Uncles in West Hill on 2.9%.

The fall-off was most marked in Heath ward from 24.5% in 2007 to 4.3% in 2011.

In 2007 18 of the 20 candidates polled over 5%!

In 2011 17 0f the 24 candidates failed to reach the 5% mark!

In mid June 2012 Nathan King-Turner, the new Chairman of Kent EDP was “delighted to announce that Steve Uncles, South East Area Chairman has accepted my invitation to stand as English Democrats’ candidate for Castle Ward, in a by-election in Stone, nr. Dartford.”

English nationalists waited to see what happened, but nothing actually came of this. Then, on 14th July, Dartford council posted the Notice of Vacancy for the Parish and Borough wards on their website.

The Borough election needs just two ward electors to call for it and the Parish needs ten.

There is no time limit on calling the Borough election but the notice for the Parish stated.

“A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days (not counting a Saturday or Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday, or Bank Holiday) from the date below ten electors for the Parish ward (Castle) give notice in writing claiming such an election to the Returning Officer.

 If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Dated: 18th July 2012.”

That deadline expired on Tuesday 7th August and as yet nothing has appeared on the Dartford website.

Maybe the website is very slow to update its information.

Maybe the EDP couldn’t get ten people to call for the election.

Maybe Steve Uncles stood down as a candidate and was not, could not be, replaced.

Maybe the EDP decided not to risk fighting the election and is hoping that its candidate can get co-opted onto the council.

We shall have to wait and see!

English Nationalist Election Result. 2nd August 2012.

2nd August 2012.

Lincolnshire County Council, Lincoln East Division.

Robin RENSHAW. Lab.    563         48.8%,

Simon PARR. Con.            314         27.2%,

John BISHOP. Lib Dem.    95           8.2%,

Pat NURSE. UKIP.            79           6.8%

Nick PARKER. T.U.S.C.    79            6.8%

Elliot FOUNTAIN. EDP    24            2.1%


Unless they were some of the small minority of electors that voted in the Euro Elections none of the voters in Lincoln East will have come across the EDP and as Elliot Fountain lives on the opposite side of Lincolnshire, in Boston, even fewer will know of him.