The English Democrats Party is in the process of selecting its candidates for Police and Crime Commissioners for the 37 Police Forces across England which are due to have elections on the 15th November.

So far five candidates have been confirmed by the EDP but on the site linked to his name you will see that Michael Felse is listed as Independent rather than EDP.

Cambridgeshire.  Stephen Goldspink.  (PCC salary £70,000)


Essex. Robin Tilbrook. (PCC salary £85,000)


Greater Manchester. Michael Felse.  (PCC salary £100,000)


Lincolnshire. Elliot Fountain.  (PCC salary £65,000)


Merseyside. Paul Rimmer.  (PCC salary £85,000)



One other is listed as “mooted to stand”.

Kent. Steve Uncles.  (PCC salary £85,000)


England Watch has heard a couple of reports that there may also be a PCC candidate in the Hertfordshire election.  As yet there has not been anything to this effect on any EDP site!

Although it has been said that the ultimate goal would be a candidate in all 37 Police areas the fact is that the EDP is not exactly flush with money, this was one of the reasons that Mr Tilbrook pulled out of the London Mayoral election of May last.

The party may well be relying on the individual PCC candidates to find the £5,000 deposit from their own pockets.

Some of the above information is taken from the ‘YourNextPCC’ website.  Follow link,


Nominations will open 8 October 2012 and close 19 October 2012

The first PCC elections will take place on 15 November 2012

PCCs will take office 22 November 2012


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