English Nationalist Candidate In Lincolnshire 6th September 2012.

Elliot Fountain is rapidly becoming the EDPs automatic Lincolnshire candidate as he goes for his second county election in five weeks. The first was a Division in Lincoln, this one is in West Lindsey District.

Lincolnshire County Council – Nettleham & Saxilby Division.

6th September 2012.

Jackie Brockway – Con

Richard Coupland – Lab

Elliot Fountain – Eng Dem

Charles Shaw – LD

Howard Thompson – UKIP

David Watson – Lincs Ind.

Whilst it is very laudable of Elliot Fountain to be willing to stand for his party in these elections, neither of them very close to his home in Boston, the fact that he feels the need to have to spread himself so far could be seen as a sign that EDP members are a rare breed in Lincolnshire.

This was his result in August.



One thought on “English Nationalist Candidate In Lincolnshire 6th September 2012.

  1. Hi, i am Elliott Fountain, i am happy to run in these elections that are a little far away from my home Town but we are all suffering the same problems, the main reason i am running is to raise awarness to “my name” and the English Democrats that are relatively new to Lincolnshire, The big election coming up is the police and crime commisioner elections in November so i need all people from all parts of the County support, The big County council election in May 2013 which will give me the chance to run in my home Town will be less of a challenge and will bring great results, growing and growing. County,Police,Mayor , Mp . WATCH THIS SPACE.

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