‘New England Party’.

This is the first of a series of articles on ‘historic’ English Nationalist parties of the 21st Century. In this context we are using historic to mean nothing more than that they are no longer active, even if they are still registered as a political party.

The New England Party was a very small party based in Dartford Kent. It was registered on 5th March 2003 with Michael Tibby as Party Leader. Its first foray into the political arena was just eight weeks later when Mike Tibby stood in the Dartford Borough elections. Against all expectations he was elected as a councillor,taking the Littlebrook ward from Labour.

In late 2004 Councillor Tibby was joined in the council chamber by Councillor Austin Brooker, Newtown ward, who defected to the NEP from the Labour Party. This meant that they could form an official NEP Group on the Borough Council.

The Kent County Council elections in May 2005 saw the party at its most active with candidates standing in five of the Divisions. These candidates included Steven and Louise Uncles.

The results were;

Dartford East.    Michael Tibby,   434.  7.78%

Dartford North East.       Austin Brooker,   557,   9.06%

Dartford Rural.  Louise Uncles,   436,    5.19%

Dartford West.  Annette Quilter,  236,     3.06%

Wilmington,       Steven Uncles,  375,   4.42%

The New England Party’s final electoral outing was in a Borough Council By-election for Heath ward 27th July 2007. The result there was;

Heath ward.       Steven Uncles,  174,        9.60%

As the result of talks between the leadership of the New England Party and the English Democrats Party the NEP merged with the EDP on 5th March 2007, the NEP’s 4th anniversary. Both of the NEP councillors made the move giving the EDP its first ever councillors in the south of England. In the Borough elections two months later Councillor Brooker did not seek re-election, Councillor Tibby did, but lost his seat on the council. Since then the EDP has not come even close to winning a seat in Dartford!

The NEP is still registered as a party with the Electoral Commission and Mike Tibby is still Leader. With the decline of the EDP in the south East it has been mooted that the NEP should be re-activated as it was far more successful than its successor!


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