English Democrat Result in Dartford 27th September 2012.

Dartford Borough Council Castle Ward.

27th September 2012.

Paul Cutler.         Con.       191.        43.02%

Hayley Reece.   Lab.        111.        25.00%

Steve Wilders.   UKIP.     60.          13.51%

Vic Openshaw.  SGRA.   50.          11.26%

Frances Moore.                EDP.       32.          7.21%


Previous results for the EDP in Castle Ward.

2011. Frances Moore. English Democrats – “Putting England First”. 56. 9.36%

2007. Frances Moore. English Democrats for A New England. 76. 19.49%

Sadly the continuing decline in the English Democrat vote in Dartford has not been halted despite the Party Chairman claiming, only five days ago, that support for the party was growing.

Not in Dartford it isn’t!


English Nationalist Candidate in Kent 18th October 2012.

Kent County Council, Maidstone Central Division.

18th October 2012.

Robert Bird.        L D

Paul Butcher.     Con.

Paul Harper.       Lab.

Stuart Jeffery.   Grn.

John Stanford.  UKIP.

Michael Walters. EDP.


Although there is no requirement to be a local resident it is unfortunate that the EDP candidate is the only one of the six not to live within the Borough.

Michael Walters is EDP Chairman for Kent though he lives in Rochester, which is electorally no longer part of Kent.

This is the first time that the EDP has stood in Maidstone! The candidate stood for election in Tonbridge & Malling in July 2012.


English Democrats Conference 21st – 23rd September 2012.

The EDP conference begins today at the Ardmore House Hotel in St Albans, Hertfordshire.


The itinerary is as follows;

Friday 21st.

19.00 – 22.30

Meet and greet in the hotel bar.

Saturday 22nd.

9.00 – 17.00

Annual Conference.

18.30 – 23.30

Dinner and dance

Sunday 23rd

Guided tour of town followed by Sunday lunch.


The conference is, in reality, a one day event much of which will be taken up with speeches from some of the party luminaries. Rumour has it that Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies will be attending, the first time in a few years, to deliver a speech.

Attendance at this event will be interesting; Mr Tilbrook has claimed a party membership of about 3,000. The largest room at the Ardmore House Hotel has a capacity of 60 if set out in ‘theatre style’ (rows). In the past the EDP have favoured sitting at tables to facilitate note-taking and to accommodate bottled water, glasses etc. In this layout the largest room can seat 30. (There are 20 places on the EDP National Council).

The EDP have been very secretive about the venue and guest-list this year so a number of other rumours have developed, It will be interesting to see if the party unveils a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Hertfordshire at this event or if any former BNP members are elected onto the National Council or NEC..

Hopefully the direction in which the EDP is being taken will be discussed in light of the anti-fascist Hope not Hate Blog adding the English Democrats to their ‘Hate group list’. This places them alongside the BNP, National Front and the Al-Muhajiroun network.

It is unlikely that the timing of this Blog is accidental it may therefor demonstrate that ‘Hope not Hate’ and possibly ‘Searchlight’ have set their sights on the EDP as a replacement target for the decaying BNP.


Mr Tilbrook has been warned continuously by many people, including members and former members, over the past few years that active recruiting of former BNP activists would not bring the EDP any benefits.

It seems to be the view of many in the English national movement that the EDP Leadership of Tilbrook, Uncles et al have done untold, maybe even terminal damage to the cause of English nationalism.

In an election in Scarborough yesterday the English Democrat candidate garnered 18 votes, for a party that has been active for over ten years and claims to be the 7th largest party in England (and growing)it does not bode well for the future, or even A future.

English Democrat result in Yorkshire. 20 September 2012.

SCARBOROUGH Borough Council. Esk Valley ward.

20th September 2012.

Guy COULSON. Con.       606.        67.6%.

Mike WARD. Ind.             151.        16.8%.

Simon PARKES. Lab.        87.          9.7%

Michael JAMES. UKIP.    35.          3.9%.

Ed SCOTT. EDP.            18.            2.0%

Conservative hold!

A first outing for both the EDP and its candidate in this ward.

The English Defence League has a candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner!

A joint British Freedom Party/ EDL candidate has been proposed for Bedfordshire. Kevin Carroll is a Vice chair of the BFP and a prominent member of the EDL. The announcment was made on the BFP site;

“British Freedom is pleased to announce Party co-Vice Chairman Kevin Carroll as PCC candidate for the Bedfordshire Police Authority. Kevin has strong views on policing..”

British? English? A bit of a political schizophrenic maybe?

The Police Foundation has a good section for the PCC candidates.



The English Democrats Party is in the process of selecting its candidates for Police and Crime Commissioners for the 37 Police Forces across England which are due to have elections on the 15th November.

Since our last post regarding this story Steve Uncles has been installed as EDP candidate for Kent and Michael Felse has stood down as candidate for Greater Manchester. Though the EDP claimed that Michael Felse was to be their candidate in Greater Manchester on the  “YourNextPCC” website he was only ever listed as Independent. As it transpired, his political label proved to be irrelevant as he has now withdrawn.

Cambridgeshire.  Stephen Goldspink.  (PCC salary £70,000)


Essex. Robin Tilbrook. (PCC salary £85,000)


Kent. Steve Uncles.  (PCC salary £85,000)


Lincolnshire. Elliot Fountain.  (PCC salary £65,000)


Merseyside. Paul Rimmer.  (PCC salary £85,000)


Certain EDP supporting sites have named Anthony Bennett-Spencer as candidate for Northamptonshire, though he has not been listed on the “YourNextPCC” website.

The following candidate has withdrawn from the contest but information may still be available on the site.

Greater Manchester. Michael Felse.  (PCC salary £100,000)


England Watch has heard a couple of reports that there may also be a PCC candidate in the Hertfordshire election.  As yet there has not been anything to this effect on any EDP site!

Some of the above information is taken from the ‘YourNextPCC’ website.  Follow link,


Nominations will open 8 October 2012 and close 19 October 2012

The first PCC elections will take place on 15 November 2012

PCCs will take office 22 November 2012

Two more Military deaths in Afghanistan!

The MOD has announced the deaths of two more young soldiers.

A British soldier who died in the UK after being wounded in Afghanistan last month has been named as Guardsman Karl Whittle of The Queen’s Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. The 22-year-old from Bristol was shot during an insurgent attack in Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand Province, on 14 August. He later died in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, on Friday 7th September.

Sgt Lee Davidson, from Doncaster, was serving with The Light Dragoons and died when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in the Nahr-e Saraj district on 9th September.

Please see the England Watch Military page.