English Democrats Conference 21st – 23rd September 2012.

The EDP conference begins today at the Ardmore House Hotel in St Albans, Hertfordshire.


The itinerary is as follows;

Friday 21st.

19.00 – 22.30

Meet and greet in the hotel bar.

Saturday 22nd.

9.00 – 17.00

Annual Conference.

18.30 – 23.30

Dinner and dance

Sunday 23rd

Guided tour of town followed by Sunday lunch.


The conference is, in reality, a one day event much of which will be taken up with speeches from some of the party luminaries. Rumour has it that Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies will be attending, the first time in a few years, to deliver a speech.

Attendance at this event will be interesting; Mr Tilbrook has claimed a party membership of about 3,000. The largest room at the Ardmore House Hotel has a capacity of 60 if set out in ‘theatre style’ (rows). In the past the EDP have favoured sitting at tables to facilitate note-taking and to accommodate bottled water, glasses etc. In this layout the largest room can seat 30. (There are 20 places on the EDP National Council).

The EDP have been very secretive about the venue and guest-list this year so a number of other rumours have developed, It will be interesting to see if the party unveils a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Hertfordshire at this event or if any former BNP members are elected onto the National Council or NEC..

Hopefully the direction in which the EDP is being taken will be discussed in light of the anti-fascist Hope not Hate Blog adding the English Democrats to their ‘Hate group list’. This places them alongside the BNP, National Front and the Al-Muhajiroun network.

It is unlikely that the timing of this Blog is accidental it may therefor demonstrate that ‘Hope not Hate’ and possibly ‘Searchlight’ have set their sights on the EDP as a replacement target for the decaying BNP.


Mr Tilbrook has been warned continuously by many people, including members and former members, over the past few years that active recruiting of former BNP activists would not bring the EDP any benefits.

It seems to be the view of many in the English national movement that the EDP Leadership of Tilbrook, Uncles et al have done untold, maybe even terminal damage to the cause of English nationalism.

In an election in Scarborough yesterday the English Democrat candidate garnered 18 votes, for a party that has been active for over ten years and claims to be the 7th largest party in England (and growing)it does not bode well for the future, or even A future.


One thought on “English Democrats Conference 21st – 23rd September 2012.

  1. It’s really sad, even on their offical site they state 80 attending. We have no real protection for England, no one to argue our side of the Scottish Independence Campaign at a time that Salmond and his party are sweping all before them. what a sad demise of this party.

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