Corby Parliamentary By-election EDP candidate.

15th November 2012.

Two firsts here!

It is the first time that the EDP have stood in this constituency and the first time that the candidate has stood for the EDP.

Full total of 14 candidates.

David BISHOP (Elvis Loves Pets)

Christine EMMETT (Conservative)

Ian GILLMAN (Independent)

Jill HOPE (Liberal Democrat)

Jonathan HORNETT (Green)

Rohen KAPUR (Young People’s Party)

Adam LOTUN (Democracy 2015)

Mr MOZZARELLA (Independent)


Peter REYNOLDS (Cannabis Law Reform)

Gordon RIDDELL (British National Party)

Andy SAWFORD (Labour)

Chris SCOTTON (United People’s)

David WICKHAM (English Democrats)


Poor English from the English Democrats!

The basic error in the slogan was spotted by one of us a few days ago! It caused a laugh but we decided not to do anything with it, we have now noticed that a Blogger in Mr Tilbrook’s home county has commented on the poor standard of English from “England’s national party”.


“Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats – “More Police-Catching Criminals!”) – Oh dear – English Fail…

 When the people of Essex go to the polls on November 15th they’ll be faced with the following names, parties and slogans on the ballot:

Nick Alston (Conservative Party Candidate)

 Linda Belgrove (Independent)

 Val Morris-Cook (Labour Party Candidate)

 Andrew Smith (United Kingdom Independence Party)

 Mick Thwaites (Independent)

 Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats – “More Police-Catching Criminals!”)

 The one thing that jumps out that is that Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats wants more criminals catching the police. Oh dear for a misplaced hyphen. Is it bad that is the first thing I noticed from the official list from the returning officer?

At this point I have no idea who I’ll be voting for but I can tell you one person who won’t be getting my vote – the one that wants more criminals catching police officers – that’s who!”

Full content here:

What has happened to the English Democrats Party in Bristol?

Another one of the EDPs former strongholds seems to have fallen, its garrison deserting due to the dire calibre of the national leadership and the ‘new friends’ they are allowing to join. (According to one ex-member.)

The EDP membership in Bristol used to be very active.

In the 2005 General  Election they stood……… 1 candidate.

In the 2006 local elections they stood………….. 1 candidate.

In a 2008 local By-election they stood………….. 1 candidate.

In the 2009 local elections they stood………….. 5 candidates.

In the 2010 General  Election they stood……… 3 candidates.

In the 2010 local elections they stood………….. 6 candidates.

In the 2011 local elections they stood………….. 7 candidates.

In a 2011 local By-election they stood………….. 1 candidate.


One of the Main planks of the EDP national policy is support for the idea of Elected Mayors. There was much rejoicing when it was announced that Bristol, alone of the dozen or so offered the choice in May, had voted ‘Yes’!

The Election will be held in November and nominations are now closed. There is a very large list of candidates, 15 in total, but the EDP candidate is conspicuous by their absence!

In the 2012 Bristol Mayoral Election they are standing………………0 candidate!

Some EDP Police Commissioner candidates are highlighting the story that ‘Police Commissioners’ have been EDP policy for ten years, and yet;

In the 2012 Avon & Somerset Police Commissioner election they are standing…………..0 candidate!


All 15 Bristol Mayoral Candidates.


Tony BRITT.        Ind.

Tim COLLINS.     Ind.

Dave DOBBS.     Birthday Party.

George FERGUSON.       Bristol 1st.

Rich FISHER.       Ind.

Stoney GARNETT.            Ind.

Owain GEORGE.                               Ind.

Geoff GOLLOP. Con.

Neil MAGGS.     Respect.

Spud MURPHY. Ind.

Philip POVER.     Ind.

Daniella RADICE.               Green.

Marvin REES.      Lab.

Jon ROGERS.      Lib Dem.

Of course it may be that Bristol EDP is in fine fettle and that they just disagree with the National Council and are against elected Mayors and elected Police Commissioners!

We will find out the true state of health of Bristol EDP at the local elections in May 2013.

English Democrats Police Commissioner Candidates. Final List.

The English Democrats Party has scaled down their number of candidates to five.

They are:

Cambridgeshire Candidates

Ansar ALI.            Ind.

Graham BRIGHT.    Con.

Paul BULLEN.     UKIP.


Farooq MOHAMMED.    Ind.


Ed MURPHY.      Lab.


Essex Candidates.

Nick ALSTON.     Con.

Linda BELGROVE.    Ind.

Val MORRIS-COOK.    Lab.

Andrew SMITH.      UKIP.

Mick THWAITES.      Ind.

Robin TILBROOK.     EDP.


Kent Candidates.

Ann Barnes.       Ind.

Dai Liyanage.      Ind.

Craig MacKinlay. Con.

Steve Uncles.    EDP.

Piers Wauchope.      UKIP.

Harriet Bronwen Yeo. Lab.


Merseyside Candidates.

Geoffrey GUBB.      Con.

Hilary JONES.     UKIP.

Paula KEAVENEY.     L D.

Jane KENNEDY. Lab.

Kiron REID.          Ind.



South Yorkshire Candidates.

David ALLEN.     EDP.

Jonathan ARNOTT.    UKIP.

Nigel BONSON. Con.

Robert TEAL.      L D.

Shaun WRIGHT.     Lab.


Three others who’s candidature was announced but have since withdrawn were in:


Elliott Fountain, who seems to be ‘Mr EDP’ in Lincolnshire, was one of the first names to be put forward by the EDP but did not hand in his nomination papers.


Northampton Chronicle 19/10/2012

“Candidates had until midday today to pay a £5,000 deposit to enter the vote, on November 15 and enter their forms along with 100 signatures in support. The only candidate who had previously declared an interest in running who failed to meet the deadline was Anthony Bennett-Spencer, from the English Democrats. His name will not now be on the ballot paper.”

Greater Manchester.

Michael Felse announced in September that he was standing down as Candidate.

None of those who withdrew has been replaced.

Election! The EDP comes to Knotty Ash!

15 Novenber 2012.

LIVERPOOL MBC, Knotty Ash Ward.

Charlotte COSGROVE.       TUSAC.

Jonathan DEAMER.            Grn.

Derek GRUE.                      EDP.


Ann HINES.                         Lib.

Stephen MADDISTON.        L D.

Jack STALLWORTHY.        Con.

Gerard TAYLOR.                 Lab.

Our first report carried an error which was pointed out to us and we are happy to correct.

Whereas it is the first time that the EDP has stood in Knotty Ash it is not in fact the first time that the candidate has stood for the party. In the 2009 European Elections Mr Grue was the party’s number 4 on the North West England list.


On the same day there is an election in the Bloxwich West ward on Walsall MBC. England Watch was informed that the EDP would be represented in this election by Christopher Newey. He was one of three EDP candidates in the May 2012 elections and he stood a total of four times in Walsall between May 2011 and May 2012. Alas we were misled; there is no EDP candidate in next month’s election.

English Democrats loose another councillor!

Simon Deacon has resigned from Markyate Parish Council, Hertfordshire.

Originally elected as a candidate for the National Front he later defected to the British Narional Party before defecting to the English Democrats in 2010. He held the seat in the 2011 elections but has now resigned.

The following is taken from the Parish Website.

“Goodbye to a valued Councillor

We were sorry to receive the resignation of Simon Deacon from the Parish Council. This is due to a career move which he feels will not allow him time to attend meetings, put in the hours for Council activities and give the commitment he has shown in the past. The Parish Council, thank him for his contribution and hard work over the last five and half years. Particularly memorable are the large number of daffodil bulbs planted which add colour to the village each spring.

 We thank him for the servicde he has given to our community and wish him every success for the future.”

The original can be found here:

English Democrats Kent Result 18th October 2012.

18th October 2012.

Kent County Council – Maidstone Central Division.

Robert Bird.        L D          2169 (40.1%)

Paul Butcher.     Con.       1301 (24.1%)

Paul Harper.       Lab.        943 (17.4%)

John Stanford.  UKIP.     510 (9.4%)

Stuart Jeffery.   Grn.       393 (7.3%)

Michael Walters. EDP.  89 (1.6%)

This is the first time that the EDP has stood in this Division.

Mr Walters vote may have been affected by the coverage in the National newspapers of Steve Uncles, EDP Police Commissioner candidate, stupid antics of faking a photograph of the Green PCC candidate wearing a swastika badge and posting it on his Blog.