What is happening to the English Democrats in Boston?

On the 18th October 2012 there is a By-election to elect a councillor for Frampton & Holme ward of Boston Borough Council, Lincolnshire.

With the decline of the EDP in both Doncaster and Dartford, Lincolnshire in general, and Boston in particular, were seen as beacons of hope for the EDP. The party has had a presence of some sort in Boston elections for over seven years and has been recruiting former members of the BNP, including a councillor who was then elected as an EDP councillor in 2011..

EDP Boston history.

2005. County elections. 1 candidate.

2007 Borough elections 1 candidate.

2011 Borough elections 11 candidates, two elected.

In 2011 two of the candidates were elected to office. They were the first, and remain the only, councillors to be elected at District/Borough level for the English Democrats.

The other nine candidates scored quite well with most getting in the 16% – 20% range and coupled with the fact that many of the wards having quite small electorates it is the type of authority that a small party could do well in.

Since the elections last year there have been a number of County council By-elections in Lincolnshire that EDP councillor Elliott Fountain has contested on behalf of his party, though without much success.

Obviously, with already being a member, Councillor Fountain was unable to stand in the forthcoming election in Frampton & Holme ward of Boston Borough Council.

It could reasonably be expected then that one of the nine unsuccessful candidates from last year would have stepped forward for this election.

Unfortunately the English Democrats Party has NO candidate in this election, last year there were nine candidates that stood but were not elected yet not one of these was willing to represent the party this year.

In a reply to an earlier England Watch article Councillor Fountain stated that he was only too pleased to stand as an EDP candidate in elections all over Lincolnshire. It seems more likely that this is through necessity rather than choice as no one else is willing to!

Yet again Robin Tilbrook’s claim that the EDP is a party of growth seems to ring a little hollow!


One thought on “What is happening to the English Democrats in Boston?

  1. Hi, we did not put anyone forward for this ward because 1.its a village location 2. we are close freinds with the leaving Councillor 3. We knew he wanted to support and in general who the people want to represent them, Ashton who was elected is a family freind . I run personally in the County elections cos i wanted to test the water to see how recognised the English Democrats are in Lincoln . the answer was not great . but i got the results i expected . English Democrats are very strong in Boston and you will see this in near future. thanks

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