EDP Kent Police Commissioner Campaign Launch.

England Watch has been keeping a weather eye open for the campaign launch dates for the English Democrats PCC candidates. With just six weeks to go Steve Uncles is the first off the mark with an official launch tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd October 2012.

“Steven Uncles, South East Chairman of the English Democrats and Police Commissioner candidate for Kent will be holding a press conference to launch his election campaign at 10.00 on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 at Holly House, Wilmington, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2TL.”

The venue is a little unconventional, Holly House is not, as one may expect for such a conference, a public house or a public hall but Mr Uncles own residence. When one considers the fact that the house is in a small gated community with just a handful of properties it is either a very shrewd move, in that he can admit only those that he wishes to speak to, or, with an open gate policy, it will turn into a media scrum with journalists camping out on the neighbours lawns. (OK, a little flight of fancy there maybe!)

The invitation has now gone onto the Internet, let us hope that it is not viewed as an open invitation in the way that some Facebook parties have in the past.

Mr Uncles’ full press release can be found here;



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