The English Democrat, the Gun and the Portrait of Adolf Hitler!

Here at England Watch we do not agree with or approve of all that we see on the ‘anti-fascist’ Hope not Hate Blog but every now and then they come up with something unsettling!

The English Democrat, the Gun and the Portrait of Adolf Hitler refers to a post they put up on 3rd October 2012 under the title

‘A Question for the English Democrats’.

The Question was,

“Why is one of their leading activists from the Liverpool area Steven McEllenborough posing for this photograph in front of a portrait of Adolf Hitler?”

Not only posing in front of the portrait of Hitler but dressed in quasi-military uniform holding some sort of gun.

Mr McEllenborough’s explanation seems to be that he was at an Airsoft event (skirmishes with guns that fire plastic ball-Barings). It is not clear if this photograph was taken since he joined the English Democrats.

As none of us at England Watch have ever been to one of these events we are not too sure where the pose with Hitler fits into the scheme of things!

Steven McEllenborough Joined the English Democrats in 2010 and has been an EDP candidate in Liverpool City Council elections three times.

Date                      Ward                     Vote      % gained.

18/11/2010         Croxteth              33           0.73%

05/05/2011         Old Swan             58           1.40%

03/05/2012         Warbreck            216         6.15%

In May 2010 he stood as the BNP parliamentary candidate in the Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

The original article, with picture, can be seen here.

Interesting to see that on his facebook page he has just ‘befriended ‘Kev Carroll’ of the EDL and British Freedom Party.



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