English Defence League to become a Political Party.

Yesterday Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) Leader of the EDL resigned as Co-Chairman of the British Freedom Party saying that the BFP was not for him and that he was 100% EDL.

A few hours later he announced that the EDL would be transforming itself from a ‘street movement’ into a political party.

“”I am looking at how to change the EDL into a genuine political party but we can’t put a time on it at the moment. We are looking at the 2014 elections in Europe.”

England Watch asks, “Why the European elections, they are amongst the most expensive elections to enter in England?” The EDL is failing and not exactly awash with money, furthermore Mr Robinson has a number of court cases ahead. Not the most auspicious of starts for a new political party.

We leave our readers with two questions.

1. Do we need another right-wing English nationalist party?

2. Will, if it reaches fruition, draw members away from the established English nationalist parties?

The original ‘Independent’ article can be found here;



One thought on “English Defence League to become a Political Party.

  1. Answers;
    1 No not really
    2 What established English parties?
    And as you have failed to ask it. I pose question three.
    3 Why will none of the laughingly named ‘big three’ parties support the cause of democracy for England. A move which would also have the consequence of making ‘far right’ English parties irrelevent.

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