Fur is Flying in the Kent Police Commissioner Election.

There are now ten candidates mooted to stand in the Kent PCC elections to be held on the 15th November 2012.

UKIP and the English Democrats have had candidates in place for some time but the latest to enter the fray is John Botting, candidate for the National Liberal Party.

So? One hears our readers ask!

Mr Botting was until recently Party Leader of ‘One England’, a tiny English nationalist party, and a prime target for attacks from the ‘English passport Blog’ owned by the EDP candidate Steven Uncles.

Mr Botting is also a past member of both the EDP and UKIP.

It has all the makings of a grudge match par-excellence!

Nominations have to be in later this month and it will be interesting to see if all ten candidates do indeed find the £5,000 deposit and stand.


4 thoughts on “Fur is Flying in the Kent Police Commissioner Election.

  1. whats the point of yet another party and naother candidate , surely idiots should not be allowed to stand , especially those who attack people whom have no way of saying anything back , some people just love the lime light and are not there for the good of the people , just themselves and are up themselves , they are not nationalists or patriots , do not care about England and what is happening to it either just about thier own ego’s

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