The Left sets its sights on removing the EDP Mayor of Doncaster!

‘Hope not Hate’ has put removing the EDP mayor of Doncaster as its prime objective in the north of England.

The following is the Hope not Hate article.

All eyes on Doncaster

 On Monday I set out our programme of work for the next few months. Our priority for Yorkshire is removing the English Democrat Mayor in Doncaster next May. And with your help we can do it.

 The English Democrats is an English nationalist organisation whose ranks have been fuelled over the past 18 months by British National Party activists. Indeed, in Yorkshire, the English Democrats is now dominated by former BNP racists.

 Removing Peter Davies as Mayor of Doncaster is really important. Since being elected he has attacked and undermined trade unions, he has blocked funding for Gay Pride, invited the co-founders of the Campaign Against Political Correctness onto his cabinet to get rid of ‘politically correct non jobs’ and has attacked Black History Month and International Women’s Day.

 HOPE not hate wants to build a campaign to ensure he is defeated next May. It will be an exciting grassroots campaign with roots in every community in Doncaster. We will use our experience which defeated the BNP in Barking & Dagenham so comprehensively a couple of years ago.

 We are looking to raise £1,000 to start the ball rolling. This will allow us to produce an introductory leaflet and host a couple of organising meetings. We need to pull together a small group of activists to get the ball rolling.

 Over the last few years you have helped us defeat the BNP in places like Bradford, Halifax, Leeds, Kirkless and Rotherham. Now let’s work together to get Davies out of Doncaster.

 Thanks Nick


Once again English nationalism is being tarred with the same brush as the English Democrats! Contrary to what some of its members/supporters preach the EDP IS NOT English nationalism. True, it is the only English nationalist party that has any public profile, however small, unfortunately it is that profile that is now damaging the wider, and far more important, issue of English nationalism as a whole.

The left-wing organisations of Searchlight and Hope not Hate are biased, flawed and anti-nationalist. They are not above twisting words, pictures and ideas to suit their own ends. The problem is that most of the content and information comes delivered and gift-wrapped from the ‘victims’ themselves. Whether it is EDL members/supporters throwing missiles at the Police or English Democrat members/supporters posting racist jokes or posing in front of a portrait of Adolf Hitler, it is all used as ‘proof’ that English nationalism is far-right, racist, bigoted and unelectable.

The result is painful to see, smaller English nationalist parties folding but without their members joining other E N parties. Fewer English nationalist candidates standing, and of those that have stood not even so much as a Parish Councillor elected in almost 18 months.

A few days ago Steve Uncles, South East Chairman of the English Democrat, member of the EDP National Council and EDP Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Kent’ posted a rather sick item, to do with Jimmy Savile, on his English Passport Blog. England Watch is pleased to report that it has now been removed. This seems to be connected with, according to the Blog, Mr Uncles being contacted by a local newspaper in Kent which he claims is part of an orchestrated attempt to ‘spike’ his campaign.

Maybe Messrs Uncles, McEllenborough, Rimmer, Tilbrook et al believe that any publicity is better than no publicity, if so then the strategy is certainly paying dividends.

The original Hope not Hate article can be found here.




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