English Democrats PCC candidate scores another own-goal!

Steve Uncles has in the past admitted to posting ‘racist’ jokes online and has mocked a young man who was depressed and committed suicide.

He is now standing as the English Democrats Party candidate for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.

Honestly, it isn’t a sick joke he really is.

His latest campaign strategy is to post personal attacks on the Green Party candidate. He is obviously the main obstacle standing between Mr Uncles and his election as the Kent Police Commissioner.

“Pictures of Mr Jeffery surrounded by swastikas were posted on a site believed to be the “personal site” of fellow Kent PCC candidate Steven Uncles.

Mr Uncles, of the English Democrats Party, initially denied knowing anything about the site.

He later admitted being a “contributor” after his party chairman, Robin Tilbrook, said it was Uncles’ personal site.”

In a serious and intelligently run political party Robin Tilbrook, Chairman and chief financial backer of the EDP would have been expected to rein in a candidate who was doing such potential damage to the party.

But not in the EDP!

“When asked about the Nazi slurs, party chairman, Mr Tilbrook, extended the comparison of Greens to extremists.

He compared party members to communist “mass murderers”.

He said: “The two greatest murderers in human history are Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin, with Mao Tse-tung probably having killed up to 95 million people.

“And both of those in many respects (had) got policies that were not wholly dissimilar to some of the Green policies.”

He also drew comparisons with the Greens and Nazism.

He said: “Quite a lot of the sort of things they (the Greens) come out with are not totally dissimilar are they?

“They are rather inclined to come out with talk about a greater European homeland and things like that which are vaguely reminiscent of that era.

“What Steve Uncles has done is over the top but at the same time it’s not without a kernel of truth.

“I’m certainly not going to discipline him about it if that’s what you are asking. He is a grown man.

“One of the things we know about Hitler was that he was an anti-hunting vegetarian.”

Readers may be interested to know that Robin Tilbrook is confirmed to stand as Police Commissioner for Essex and expecting normal people to vote for him!

The full news article can be found here:




One thought on “English Democrats PCC candidate scores another own-goal!

  1. Tilbrook is only slightly less worse than Uncles. The EDP needs to be wound up and replaced with a moderate English nationalist party that will really work for England not engage in pathetic idiocy like this.

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