What has happened to the English Democrats Party in Bristol?

Another one of the EDPs former strongholds seems to have fallen, its garrison deserting due to the dire calibre of the national leadership and the ‘new friends’ they are allowing to join. (According to one ex-member.)

The EDP membership in Bristol used to be very active.

In the 2005 General  Election they stood……… 1 candidate.

In the 2006 local elections they stood………….. 1 candidate.

In a 2008 local By-election they stood………….. 1 candidate.

In the 2009 local elections they stood………….. 5 candidates.

In the 2010 General  Election they stood……… 3 candidates.

In the 2010 local elections they stood………….. 6 candidates.

In the 2011 local elections they stood………….. 7 candidates.

In a 2011 local By-election they stood………….. 1 candidate.


One of the Main planks of the EDP national policy is support for the idea of Elected Mayors. There was much rejoicing when it was announced that Bristol, alone of the dozen or so offered the choice in May, had voted ‘Yes’!

The Election will be held in November and nominations are now closed. There is a very large list of candidates, 15 in total, but the EDP candidate is conspicuous by their absence!

In the 2012 Bristol Mayoral Election they are standing………………0 candidate!

Some EDP Police Commissioner candidates are highlighting the story that ‘Police Commissioners’ have been EDP policy for ten years, and yet;

In the 2012 Avon & Somerset Police Commissioner election they are standing…………..0 candidate!


All 15 Bristol Mayoral Candidates.


Tony BRITT.        Ind.

Tim COLLINS.     Ind.

Dave DOBBS.     Birthday Party.

George FERGUSON.       Bristol 1st.

Rich FISHER.       Ind.

Stoney GARNETT.            Ind.

Owain GEORGE.                               Ind.

Geoff GOLLOP. Con.

Neil MAGGS.     Respect.

Spud MURPHY. Ind.

Philip POVER.     Ind.

Daniella RADICE.               Green.

Marvin REES.      Lab.

Jon ROGERS.      Lib Dem.

Of course it may be that Bristol EDP is in fine fettle and that they just disagree with the National Council and are against elected Mayors and elected Police Commissioners!

We will find out the true state of health of Bristol EDP at the local elections in May 2013.


One thought on “What has happened to the English Democrats Party in Bristol?

  1. Tilbrook has destroyed all the hard work we the party faithful put in by bringing in the ex Nazis from the BNP. We wouldn’t mind but they do sod all. It seems like, Beverley only wants to talk himself up ( See Chris Beverley Blog Spot ) and Edward Butler is more interested in running round Kent with ex …… than being on the streets campaigning for the party.

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