Poor English from the English Democrats!

The basic error in the slogan was spotted by one of us a few days ago! It caused a laugh but we decided not to do anything with it, we have now noticed that a Blogger in Mr Tilbrook’s home county has commented on the poor standard of English from “England’s national party”.


“Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats – “More Police-Catching Criminals!”) – Oh dear – English Fail…

 When the people of Essex go to the polls on November 15th they’ll be faced with the following names, parties and slogans on the ballot:

Nick Alston (Conservative Party Candidate)

 Linda Belgrove (Independent)

 Val Morris-Cook (Labour Party Candidate)

 Andrew Smith (United Kingdom Independence Party)

 Mick Thwaites (Independent)

 Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats – “More Police-Catching Criminals!”)

 The one thing that jumps out that is that Robin Tilbrook of the English Democrats wants more criminals catching the police. Oh dear for a misplaced hyphen. Is it bad that is the first thing I noticed from the official list from the returning officer?

At this point I have no idea who I’ll be voting for but I can tell you one person who won’t be getting my vote – the one that wants more criminals catching police officers – that’s who!”

Full content here:



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