Corby Parliamentary By-election EDP candidate.

15th November 2012.

Two firsts here!

It is the first time that the EDP have stood in this constituency and the first time that the candidate has stood for the EDP.

Full total of 14 candidates.

David BISHOP (Elvis Loves Pets)

Christine EMMETT (Conservative)

Ian GILLMAN (Independent)

Jill HOPE (Liberal Democrat)

Jonathan HORNETT (Green)

Rohen KAPUR (Young People’s Party)

Adam LOTUN (Democracy 2015)

Mr MOZZARELLA (Independent)


Peter REYNOLDS (Cannabis Law Reform)

Gordon RIDDELL (British National Party)

Andy SAWFORD (Labour)

Chris SCOTTON (United People’s)

David WICKHAM (English Democrats)


One thought on “Corby Parliamentary By-election EDP candidate.

  1. It’s a little known fact that the EDP decided to rebrand themselves as the English Democrats due to possible confusion with the ELP (now known formally as Elvis Loves Pets). As far as I know this is the first time the two rivals are up against each other, will voter confusion help or hinder either candidate?

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