English Democrats Rotherham Result.

Result of the Rotherham Parliamentary By-election 29th November 2012.

Sarah Champion (Labour) 9866, 46.25%

Jane Collins (UKIP) 4648, 21.79%

Marlene Guest (BNP) 1804, 8.46%

Yvonne Ridley (Respect) 1778, 8.34%

Simon Wilson (Con) 1157, 5.42%

David Wildgoose (Eng Dem) 703, 3.30%

Simon Copley (Ind) 582, 2.73%

Michael Beckett (Lib Dem) 451, 2.11%

Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 261, 1.22%

Paul Dickson (Ind) 51, 0.24%

Clint Bristow (no descripton) 29, 0.14%


No English Democrat candidates in Kent elections!

On 20th December 2012, a stupid date for elections, there will be two By-elections held in Gravesham, Kent. One is for the Gravesham Rural Division of Kent County Council; the other is for the Meopham North ward of Gravesham Borough Council.

In the past few years the voters of Gravesham have had EDP candidates stand at County level,  in the 2010 General Election, 2009 European election and 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections held just last week.

With the EDP brand in the public eye so recently it was expected that the party would have put forward a candidate for at least one of these elections.

There is no cost to the elections, unlike last week’s £5,000 PCC deposit which they retained,

In the 2009 Kent CC elections the EDP stood a candidate in all three Gravesham Divisions, they had a combined total of 3,343 votes and an average of about 8.0%.

In the 2010 General election the EDP candidate was Steve Uncles, he won 1,005 votes and 2.1%.

In the 2012 Kent PCC elections the EDP candidate, Steve Uncles, won 682 votes, 6.8%.

There are no EDP candidates in the two elections so there is no chance of an EDP Christmas present!

A little bit of Trivia information.

In the 2005 General Election the English Independence Party candidate polled 654 votes, 1.4%.

The Conservative candidate captured the seat from Labour with a majority of 654!

38th Anniversary of the Birmingham Pub Bombings.

In the early evening of 21st November 1974 two bombs, planted by the Provisional IRA, exploded in crowded pubs in Birmingham City centre.

21 people were killed, around 200 seriously injured and many others received lesser injuries.

The first one was in the ‘Mulberry Bush’, where 10 were killed and the second in the ‘Tavern in the Town’, where 11 died.

A remarkable report, from a fire-fighter on duty that night, can be found below;

The Birmingham Pub Bombings – a personal account by Alan Stuart Hill, FIFireE.


Full English Democrats PCC Election Results. 15th November 2012.

The EDP managed to save all five of their election deposits!

Cambridgeshire PCC Election Result.

First Round votes.

Graham BRIGHT. Con. 23711. 26.8%

Ed MURPHY. Lab. 17572. 19.8%

Paul BULLEN. UKIP. 15204. 16.4%

Ansar ALI. Ind. 12716. 14.3%

Rupert MOSS-ECCARDT. LD. 7530. 8.5%

Stephen GOLDSPINK. EDP. 7219. 8.2%

Farooq MOHAMMED. Ind. 5337. 6.0%

Second Round  votes.

Sir Graham Bright. Con. 31640. 55.7%. ELECTED.

Ed Murphy. Lab. 25114. 44.3%


ESSEX PCC Election Result.

First Round votes.

Nick ALSTON .Con: 51,325. 30.5%

Mick THWAITES. Ind: 40,132. 23.9%

Val MORRIS-COOK. Lab: 27,926. 16.6%

Linda BELGROVE. Ind: 22,163. 13.2%

Andrew SMITH. UKIP: 15,138. 9.0%

Robin TILBROOK. EDP: 11,550. 6.9%

Second Round  votes.

Nick ALSTON .Con: 62,350. 51.5%. ELECTED.

Mick THWAITES. Ind: 58,664. 48.5%


KENT PCC Election Result.

First Round votes.

Ann Barnes.       Ind. 95,901. 46.8%

Craig MacKinlay. Con. 51,674. 25.2%

Harriet Bronwen Yeo. Lab. 26,005. 11.2%

Piers Wauchope.      UKIP. 15,885. 7.8%

Steve Uncles.    EDP. 10,789. 5.3%

Dai Liyanage.      Ind. 7,666. 3.7%

Second Round  votes.

Ann Barnes.       Ind. 114,137. 65.5% ELECTED.

Craig MacKinlay. Con. 60,248. 34.5%


MERSEYSIDE PCC Election Result.

First Round votes.

Jane Kennedy. Lab. 70,884. 56.2%

Geoffrey Gubb. Con. 15,870. 12.6%.

Kiron Reid. Ind. 14,379. 11.4%.

Paula Keaveney. Lib Dem. 9,192. 7.3%.

Hilary Jones. UKIP. 8,704. 6.9%.

Paul Rimmer. EDP. 7,142. 5.7%.

Jane Kennedy. Labour, was elected in the first round of voting.



First Round votes.

Shaun WRIGHT. Lab. 74615. 51.35%

David ALLEN. EDP. 22608. 15.56%

Nigel BONSON. Con. 21075. 14.51%

Jonathan ARNOTT. UKIP. 16773. 11.54%

Robert TEAL. Lib Dem. 10223. 7.04%

Shaun WRIGHT. Labour, was elected in the first round of voting.


Overview of individual EDP results.

David ALLEN. South Yorkshire. 22608. 15.56%.

Stephen GOLDSPINK. EDP. 7219. 8.2%.

Robin TILBROOK. Essex: 11,550. 6.9%.

Paul RIMMER. Merseyside. 7,142. 5.7%.

Steve UNCLES.    Kent. 10,789. 5.3%.

EDP Rotherham By-election candidate, 29th November 2012.

The EDP will be hoping to build on its second place in the South Yorkshire Police commissioner elections.

11 candidates are standing in the Rotherham by-election which is to be held  on Thursday 29th November 2012.

Michael BECKETT. Lib Dem.


Sarah Deborah CHAMPION. Lab.


Simon Keith COPLEY. Ind.

Paul DICKSON. Ind.


Marlene GUEST. BNP.

Yvonne RIDLEY. Respect, (G G)


Simon WILSON. Con.

It is rather unfortunate that the only one of the eleven actually resident in Rotherham is the BNP candidate!

English Democrat Corby By-election Result. 15th November 2012.

15th November 2012.

Andy SAWFORD, Lab 17267 48.4%

Christine EMMETT, Con. 9476 26.6%

Margot PARKER, UKIP. 5108 14.3%

Jill HOPE, Lib Dem. 1770 5.0%

Gordon RIDDELL, BNP. 614 1.7%

David WICKHAM. EDP. 432 1.2%

Jonathan HORNETT, Green. 378 1.1%

Ian GILLMAN, Ind. 212 0.6%

Peter REYNOLDS, Cannabis Law Reform. 137 0.4%

David BISHOP, Elvis Loves Pets. 99 0.3%

Mr MOZZARELLA, Ind. 73 0.2%

Rohen KAPUR, Young People’s Party. 39 0.1%

Adam LOTUN, Democracy 2015. 35 0.1%

Chris SCOTTON, UPP. 25 0.1%

English Democrat Knotty Ash Result. 15th November 2012.

15 November 2012.

LIVERPOOL MBC, Knotty Ash Ward.

Ged Taylor, Labour.  1213 68.61%

Stephen Maddison ,Lib Dem. 149 8.43%

Ann Hines, Liberal Party. 131 7.41%

Adam Heatherington, UKIP. 101 5.71%

Derek Grue, English Democrats.  50 2.83%

Charley Cosgrove, TUSAC.  48 2.71%

Jack Stallworthy, Con. 40 2.26%

Jonathan Deamer, Green. 36 2.04%