Super-Thursday. English Nationalists Miss The Boat.

Thursday 15th November 2012 is something of a ‘Super-Thursday’ in terms of elections in England.

On this day we have at least 85 elections.

37 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.

2 Parliamentary By-elections.

1 Mayoral election in Bristol.

34 Local council By-elections.

11+ Town & Parish elections.

It seems that England must make-do with what is left of the English Democrats Party fighting in her name when it comes to elections, but even then the EDP seems more concerned with ‘Grandstanding’ rather than serious intent.

Of the 85, or more, elections taking place on 15th November English nationalists, in the form of the EDP, will only be standing in seven (7).


Of 37 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections the EDP are standing in five (5).


Of the 2 Parliamentary By-elections the EDP are standing in one (1).


The Bristol Mayoral election is not being contested by the EDP.


Of the 34 Local council By-elections the EDP are standing in just the one (1).


Of the 11 known Town & Parish elections the EDP are not contesting any.


It does seem rather misguided to us at England Watch that the EDP is willing to throw away over £25,500, even if it is not the party’s own money, in the vain quest for publicity but then ignore 44 out of the 45 elections that it could have contested for ‘free’!

Surely it can’t be the case that all of the EDP’s 3,000 plus members live in the authorities that do not have elections on that day!

The English Democrats should learn that it is a small party best suited, at this stage, to small elections.

The problem with trying to wear ‘big-boys-trousers to soon is that they have a tendency to keep tripping one up.


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