English Democrats Legal Department Hits Back!

By Steve Uncles.

“Climb Down by the Kent On Sunday Newspaper Group on Steve Uncles – English Democrats

Readers of this site, may recall that last Sunday the “Kent on Sunday Newspaper” did a “Hatch-it” job on the Steve Uncles – English Democrats, Kent Police Commissioner Campaign.

Claiming that the English Democrats was a “Far Right Party”, and Steve Uncles had no chance of winning.

The English Democrats, legal department, challenged the Kent on Sunday Newspaper to find one policy in the English Democrats Manifesto that was “Far Right”, and when we pointed out that Steve Uncles is the ONLY Candidate to have secured 52,000 Votes in and election out of the 6 Candidates, the Kent on Sunday newspaper realised the error of their ways.

They offered a “Letter” in their newspaper to try to make up for their silly bias, and bigotted, behaviour.”

Three Questions.

  1. What is a “Hatch-it” job?
  2. When did Mr Uncles ‘secure’ 52,000 votes in ‘and’ election?
  3. As bigoted is one of his favourite words it will he ever learn the correct spelling

The letter is on page 29 with other letters, there is no mention or indication that the newspaper was allowing this for any other reason than that it had been sent in as normal.

Page 5 has an article showing that while 71% of a sample poll had no idea who the six people were 57% said that they would vote in the elections. It is possible that the latter figure was a number of the interviewees giving the answer that they thought they should give.

The ‘Kent on Sunday’.11-11-2012.



2 thoughts on “English Democrats Legal Department Hits Back!

  1. If you’re going to pick on spelling. You may wish to get yours correct. ‘were’ not ‘where’

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