Would English Democrats PCC Victories finish the Party?

Don’t worry reader England Watch has not gone mad, we do not consider any victories likely!

We were talking over the effects on the EDP if the voters of Essex and Kent all came down with some sort of syndrome and voted Messrs Tilbrook and Uncles into office as Police and Crime Commissioners for those two counties.

The thinking being that Police and Crime Commissioner are independent, don’t laugh, meaning that Robin Tilbrook, EDP Chairman and de-facto Leader and Steven Uncles South East Chairman and Propagandist-in-Chief for the party would both have to resign all position within the party.

In the event of this happening who would take over? The EDP has never had a Party Leader, no-one has ever come forward and stood for the position and it is difficult to imagine any of the 8 or 9 remaining members of the National Council putting their names forward.

There are a number of former BNP activists now in the EDP who previously held official positions in the BNP, some of these may well be willing to come to the ‘aid of the Party’.

The main problem for the EDP, in the case of those two victories, could be financial. Both Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles have loaned considerable amounts of money to the Party.

From the Electoral Commission website we can see that between September 2006 and May 2008

Mr Tilbrook made two loans to the EDP totalling £81,800.

Mr Uncles made two loans to the EDP totalling £26,241.

Also from the Electoral Commission website we can see that as of the end of 2011 the EDP owed £212,929 to creditors.

From the same source we see that Cash at bank and in hand is shown as £-.

England Watch has been unable to find any information regarding elected PCCs and any loans they have made to political parties. If this is not allowed then the EDP would have to pay the loans back, which it can’t and may then be declared bankrupt.

Or Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles could convert their loans into donations but that may raise questions about ‘independent’ PCCs funding a political party.

An interesting ‘what-if’ scenario but probably nothing more!


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