EDP Rotherham By-election candidate, 29th November 2012.

The EDP will be hoping to build on its second place in the South Yorkshire Police commissioner elections.

11 candidates are standing in the Rotherham by-election which is to be held  on Thursday 29th November 2012.

Michael BECKETT. Lib Dem.


Sarah Deborah CHAMPION. Lab.


Simon Keith COPLEY. Ind.

Paul DICKSON. Ind.


Marlene GUEST. BNP.

Yvonne RIDLEY. Respect, (G G)


Simon WILSON. Con.

It is rather unfortunate that the only one of the eleven actually resident in Rotherham is the BNP candidate!


8 thoughts on “EDP Rotherham By-election candidate, 29th November 2012.

    • If you are referring to the lack of local candidates there is no ‘problem’, we would just prefer that local people represent local people!

      If you mean why was the EDP candidate’s name highlighted, simply because the post is entitled EDP candidate!

  1. You are correct, it was not the EDP candidate ‘highlighted’ for being non-local!

    May we recommend that you go back to the article and read it correctly?

    You may then realise that NO candidate was ‘highlighted’ for being non-local!

    In fact the only candidate’ highlighted’ was the BNP one and that was because she is the ONLY CANDIDATE who IS local, all of the other ten are non-Rotherham residents.

    We hope that this clears up the misunderstanding!

    • based on your response that local candidates are preferred, then from your reply the bnp candidate,being the only local in the hat, should be everyone’s obvious choice.

      • Pleased that you now understand our Blog!
        As to your comment, we only have 24 hours before we find out if the people of Rotherham followed your choice!

  2. irrespective of the outcome,the whole of the uk will be hoping that rotherham at last sees common sense,avoids the 3 mainstream but above all else, gets rid of the loony-left once & for all.

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