No English Democrat candidates in Kent elections!

On 20th December 2012, a stupid date for elections, there will be two By-elections held in Gravesham, Kent. One is for the Gravesham Rural Division of Kent County Council; the other is for the Meopham North ward of Gravesham Borough Council.

In the past few years the voters of Gravesham have had EDP candidates stand at County level,  in the 2010 General Election, 2009 European election and 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections held just last week.

With the EDP brand in the public eye so recently it was expected that the party would have put forward a candidate for at least one of these elections.

There is no cost to the elections, unlike last week’s £5,000 PCC deposit which they retained,

In the 2009 Kent CC elections the EDP stood a candidate in all three Gravesham Divisions, they had a combined total of 3,343 votes and an average of about 8.0%.

In the 2010 General election the EDP candidate was Steve Uncles, he won 1,005 votes and 2.1%.

In the 2012 Kent PCC elections the EDP candidate, Steve Uncles, won 682 votes, 6.8%.

There are no EDP candidates in the two elections so there is no chance of an EDP Christmas present!

A little bit of Trivia information.

In the 2005 General Election the English Independence Party candidate polled 654 votes, 1.4%.

The Conservative candidate captured the seat from Labour with a majority of 654!


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