Merry Christmas to England!

This is the very first Christmas for England Watch and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our readers.

It has not been the best of years for English politics, not a single English nationalist elected and three parties folding. But enough of the doom and gloom maybe next year will be brighter!

So whether you are wassailing, abseiling, Christmas sale-ing or ‘just’ round-the-world-sailing (Hi Mate!)

England Watch wishes you gesælige cristesmæsse, Wæs þu hæl


2012, An English nationalist election retrospective!

2012 was an active year for English nationalist parties electorally but, unfortunately, a totally unproductive one. Again it was the English Democrats Party that provided the bulk of the candidates; in fact all except two were EDP.

The year began very quietly with just the EDP fielding a single, Parish level, candidate in the first three months. April gave us an England First Party candidate in a Darlington council election.

May is traditionally the busiest month for elections in England with, depending on where we are in the electoral cycle, County, District and Parish level elections happening. This year it was the bulk of the English Districts with the addition of the London Assembly and Mayoral elections. The EDP stood a total of 97 candidates in these elections though the much heralded candidature of Party Leader Robin Tilbrook in the London Mayoral election failed to materialise. The only other English nationalist party to offer a candidate was the EFP, it was to prove its ‘swansong’, the party de-registered shortly afterwards.
The EDP also stood in a Morley Town council by-election at the end of May.

The summer months of June, July and August delivered a total of four EDP candidates, 1 at county level, 2 at district level and 1 in a town council election.

September was the EDPs busiest month of 2012 for local by-elections with 1 county and 2 at district level.
October had just one EDP candidate in a Kent County Council election.

November was a much more interesting month which saw EDP candidates in 2 Parliamentary by-elections, 1 district by-election and in 5 Police & Crime Commissioner elections. Full details of all of these elections can be found on England Watch.

Overall 2012 cannot be viewed as a good year for English nationalism.
The For England Party and England First Party both folded, One England seems to be, at best, dormant, the English People’s Party still show some signs of activity, though not electorally.

The largest English nationalist party, though it would seem to be shrinking, is the English Democrats Party they can point to the fact that they fought over 100 contests in 2012, and that is good, but there were thousands of contests in England this year. The EDP also lost half of its district level councillors.

The EDP approached the May 2012 elections with 1 Mayor, 1 County Councillor, 4 District level councillors and, maybe, 3 Parish Councillors, the party lost 2 councillors in May and a Parish councillor a little later. 2013 will be a very telling time for the EDP as both the Mayor and the County Councillor are up for election and neither is going to have an easy defence.

2013 is the year for the County elections; these are notoriously difficult for small parties to win, the BNP for example have only ever won 3 and they were not until 2009, 27 years after the party was formed. Any English nationalist party will be very fortunate if they manage to come away with a seat.

Is the tide going out for the Existing English Nationalist parties?

During the recent couple of years we have seen the dramatic decline of the British National Party! This has resulted in the number of its councillors, at all levels, being slashed from over one hundred to just a handful, the majority of them either didn’t bother to defend their seats or did defend them but were defeated.

A smaller number of councillors, at County, District and Parish level, removed the ‘blue’ from their rosettes and joined the English Democrats Party. In some parts of England, such as Southend, Solihull, Leeds, Broxbourne, there was a defection of almost whole BNP branches to the EDP. Some, who were prominent members of the BNP, are now prominent members of the EDP. Is this now about to change again?

At the beginning of December 2012 a new ‘British’ nationalist party was formed, British Democratic Party, it will be officially launched in the New Year. It is the long-expected new venture of Andrew Brons MEP. The party’s initial aim seems to be to collect former BNP members from where-ever they are ensconced at present.
One rather telling, if true, claim reads;

“Leading nationalists from several former BNP strongholds across the county – including Wakefield, Kirklees, Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham and Bradford – were present. In addition to present and former BNP officials, there were senior organisers from numerous other parties and movements including British Movement, English Democrats, Democratic Nationalists and England First Party.”

If this new Brit’-Nat’ party takes off then it could be very damaging for the EDP councillor stable. As of now the EDP has 1 County, 2 District and (possibly) 2 Parish Councillors. At least 3 of those 5 are former BNP councillors with one of them up for election in May 2013. She has to decide if BDP is a better proposition than EDP.

It could be a very interesting, but painful, few months for English nationalist parties at the beginning of 2013.