EDP Morley By-election result 24th January 2013.

24th January 2013.
Churwell Ward, Morley Town Council.

Wyn Kidger. MBI. 465 63.5%
Mark Sewards. Lab. 193 26.4%
Tom Redmond. EDP. 74 10.1%

Wyn Kidger holds the seat for the Morley Borough Independents.

It was the first time that an English nationalist candidate had stood in this ward.


EDP candidate in Leeds By-election!

The first English nationalist party candidate of 2013!

24th January 2013.
Churwell Ward, Morley Town Council.

Wyn Kidger. MBI.
Tom Redmond. EDP.
Mark Sewards. Lab.

The EDP has stood in Morley before but not in this ward.

The election has been caused by the death of a Morley Borough Independent councillor.

‘English Nationalist By-elections 2013’ page changes.

England Watch has changed the format of the ‘English Nationalist By-elections 2013’ page.

This page will still provide details of all By-elections involving English nationalist parties.

But unlike the 2012 page, which only listed those with an English nationalist candidate, it will also list all of the forthcoming English local By-elections as far in advance as possible so as to give prospective candidates a chance to organise.

The list will also include the last time, if at all, that a candidate from an English nationalist party stood in the authority, though not the necessarily in the actual ward electing this time.

Now 2013.The State of Play with English Nationalist Parties!

A Happy New Year to English nationalists! But will it be so?

It is a sad fact that as we enter a new year English nationalism is looking in a very sorry state! We are reduced to two ‘active’ parties, one of which does not feel that it is developed enough to contest elections at even the lowest level, in spite of being in existence for over two years.

What follows is a résumé of English nationalist parties of the 21st Century! it may be a ‘walk down memory lane’ for some of our readers! Not all of them are English nationalist parties in the full sense but have England or English in their name.

We have divided the parties into three groups,

‘Active’, those who are actively contesting elections or showing some signs of development.
Dormant, those parties that are inactive but the name is kept alive on the Electoral Commission’s register. The main reasons for this are that it may be used in the future or to prevent anyone else from registering the name.
Deceased, those parties that have been de-registered in the last ten years.


English Democrats Party (EDP). Founded 1998, ‘Leader’ Robin Tilbrook.
English Peoples Party (EPP). Founded 2010, Leader Andrew Constantine.


English Independence Party (EIP). Founded 2000, Leader Andrew Constantine.
English National Party (ENP). Founded 2000, Leader Robert Williams.
English Parliamentary Party (EPP). Founded 2001, Leader Gerald Morgan.
New England Party (NEP). Founded 2003, Leader Michael Tibby.
Truly Independent English Party (TIEP), Founded 2004. Leader Norman Hennings.
The True English (Poetry) Party. (TE(P)P), Founded 2006. Leader Michael Gibson.


English Alliance Party (EAP), Founded 2001. Leader Paul King. De-registered 29/07/04.
English Awareness Party (EAP), Founded 2006. Leader George Hadland. De-registered 01/11/07.
English Freedom Movement (EFM), Founded 2000. Leader Chris Manning. De-registered 04/09/03.
English New Deal Alliance (ENDA), Founded 2004. Leader C James Clark. De-registered 28/06/06.
English Pan-Nationalist Alliance (EPNA), Founded 2002. Leader John FitzPatrick. De-registered 01/03/05.
English Progressive & Liberty Party (EPLP), Founded 2002. Leader Shaun Nelson. De-registered 02/11/10.
English Radical Alliance (ERA). Founded 2010. Leader David Owens. De-registered 23/11/11.
England First Party (EFP). Founded 2003, Leader Mark Cotterill. De-registered 14/06/2012.
For England Party (FEP). Founded 2011, Leader Michael Johnson. De-registered 05/12/12.
Free England (FE). Founded 2005, Leader William Bagshaw. De-registered 22/03/06.
Free England Party (FEP). Founded 2008, Leader Tom Wyatt. Closed Dec’ 2009.*
Middle England Party (MEP). Founded 2006, Leader Paul St John Martin. De-registered 25/07/11.
One England (OE). Founded 2010, Leader Dan Fisher. De-registered 05/12/12.
Party of the English People’s (PEP). Founded 2001, Leader Dennis Seager. De-registered 30/04/03.

For the ‘Deceased’ parties the Leader shown is the one in place at the time of De-registration.

* The Free England Party was never De-registered the name was changed to English People’s Party, which is why the EPP has a registration date in 2008 though it was not formed until late 2010.

First Birthday for England Watch!

We posted the first report from England Watch one year ago today.

When we set up the Blog we expected, hopefully, to be reporting on the growth of English nationalist parties and the election of councillors. We could not have been more off-mark if we had tried.

The past twelve months have seen the death of three English nationalist parties, of the two that remain ony one has stood candidates even that has failed to win any elections.

Will we have better results to report in the coming twelve months?

Who knows!

The English Democrats Shy Councillor!

A few days ago we were alerted to an interesting link by one of our readers! It would seem that a second, former, BNP County Councillor is now a member of the English Democrats.

Graham Partner, who represents the Coalville Division on Leicestershire County Council, was elected in May 2009 as a BNP councillor; he left to party in 2010 to sit as an Independent.

He had joined the English Democrats by mid-2012 as his entry in the Member’s Register of Interests, listing him as an EDP member, was last updated on 29th July 2012. The County Council website still has him listed as an Independent as of 9th January 2013.

It is perfectly acceptable for him not to sit as a member of the party that he is a member of but the other former BNP councillors have taken the EDP whip upon joining the party.

Councillor Partner’s term ends in May of this year, it will be interesting to see if he stands for re-election and if so under what party label, if any.

His Register of Interests form can be found here.


The other EDP, former BNP, County councillor is Deirdre Gates, she was also elected in May 2009. She is the councillor for South Oxhay Division on Hertfordshire County Council and sits as an English Democrat member, her term also ends in May 2013.