The English Democrats Shy Councillor!

A few days ago we were alerted to an interesting link by one of our readers! It would seem that a second, former, BNP County Councillor is now a member of the English Democrats.

Graham Partner, who represents the Coalville Division on Leicestershire County Council, was elected in May 2009 as a BNP councillor; he left to party in 2010 to sit as an Independent.

He had joined the English Democrats by mid-2012 as his entry in the Member’s Register of Interests, listing him as an EDP member, was last updated on 29th July 2012. The County Council website still has him listed as an Independent as of 9th January 2013.

It is perfectly acceptable for him not to sit as a member of the party that he is a member of but the other former BNP councillors have taken the EDP whip upon joining the party.

Councillor Partner’s term ends in May of this year, it will be interesting to see if he stands for re-election and if so under what party label, if any.

His Register of Interests form can be found here.

The other EDP, former BNP, County councillor is Deirdre Gates, she was also elected in May 2009. She is the councillor for South Oxhay Division on Hertfordshire County Council and sits as an English Democrat member, her term also ends in May 2013.


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